HYPE: This Season’s New Running Shoes & Gears

Its the new season and as usual, all the major sporting apparels and brands are coming out with their latest gadgets, gizmos and gears! With really exciting major races coming up such as the Adidas KOTR, Nike We Run Singapore (happening in September-October period), Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore and also the likes of Singapore G1,  NEA 10th Anniversary Charity Run/Walkathon and the National Day Run, one can expect to don on new gears to boost your running experience.

Add flava, add colour, add style. 

Well scroll down below to check out my Top 6 shoes and gears coming your way this season.

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My Nike+ GPS iPhone App AND a sneak peek to something wicked!

 IF you think you have read this before, read again. 😉

Ok so here’s the low down mo-town for the latest running app which i downloaded some time in January. Yes, its the Nike+ GPS App.  Here’s the re-cap. I decided to put the app to the test on its functionality and claims. And whatnot.

If only they could have a “Get F-ed by your sergeant” motivation “cheer”. Confirm will make people burn...and run faster.

The start up is really user-friendly. There are 3 different modes to choose from – BASIC (run with no set time or distance), TIME (run against the clock) and DISTANCE (run for miles or kilometers). Knowing that i just wanted a leisure morning run plus some work out after that, i decided to go for BASIC.

After selecting the desired option, i was transferred to a “RUN SETUP” page to, well… SET UP my run lah. I could input the songs i wanna play during the run as well as selecting the type of location of where i did my run. Pretty simple huh? Lastly, all you need to do is to click on the green arrow and you’re ready to run & “Good to go!” as i used to tell my army recruits back then during my NS days.

Distance ran and pace (shown) does NOT affect the above mentioned runner’s awesomeness. ;P

As i have set the Cheer/Motivation mode turned on every 1km mark, every time i reached that mark, a female voice will update me on the distance travelled as well as my pace. Pretty neat as i didnt have to constantly check my watch to pace whatsoever. But i was rather confused when it mentioned that i was running at a pace of 7min/km (for the 1st km) and then 4min/km then dropped to 3min/km and lastly, i forgot what. I had thought it measured the OVERALL time/distance travelled but actually it was referring to that PARTICULAR last 1km travelled.

Oh well. For a moment i thought i had some Kenyan speed in me. Daym! False positive!

🙂 UPSIDE: User-Friendly app and interesting features that connects well to the GPS, the iPod music and the Nike+ site. With constant reminder to your pace and distance travelled, it keeps your mind fresh and looking forward to “beat” your previous km’s pace.

It also has the Pace travelled screen which shows you on which part of the run/route you took, did you travel the fastest and slowest. COOLNESS!

😦 DOWNSIDE: As its an iPhone app, you’ve gotta carry the phone around with you on your runs. Maybe this can be resolved with the iPhone armband whatsoever. (Now, not only do YOU run, but your $$ also run…out of your wallet).

Next up, this app aint free. But at US$1.99 its still a fairly good investment though the way i see it. Makes your run interesting.

Final say:

Its one cool app for runners….

…if you got an iPhone and US$1.99 to spare. ;P


But if you are not an iphone user nor dont like to run with something bulky like an iPhone or such, no worries – NIKE is launching its newest and latest technological-savvy but easy to use GPS Watch. The NIKE GPS WATCH. YES! You heard me right. Its an uber cool and sleek (and easy to read and use) wrist watch that counts your mileage and syncs it to your Nike+ Profile! Just like the iPhone APp or NIKE ID. And best of all, the watch is water proof too! So you can go for a swim with it. Swimmers and triathletes take note! Now, if only i could get my wrist on it too… ;P

Right now, i dont have much details OR experience wearing the watch for runs OR simply on normal casual occasions. However, the first time when i saw the watch, i was like a young kid who was given his first Nintendo GameBoy. It was sooo cool and i was awed by it capabilities and also the surprises it had just as i thought the show was over…! True story. Estimated retail price is around SGD $279. Kinda on the high and pricey side i must say. Especially for a student like me. Out of my budget sadly. Even the Govt’s “Grow and Share” package cant do much as i had to use them to fund my fitness course, equipments and training stuffs. :O Gaaah! Anyways, really cool watch to…well, WATCH out for. ;P

Till next time, Guten Tag!

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