GEAR HYPE: Nike+ Innovation Arsenal

In conjunction with the London Olympics 2012, NIKE is firing on all cylinders. From head to toe, NIKE is suiting up their athletes (and those who aspires) with superior performance. Pushing technology to the limit. From dynamic cable strings, knitted fibres, breathable kicks, aero-dynamic compression suits-you name it, NIKE aims to beat it.

From the recent Sports Innovation Exibition @ Peranakan Place (you can read that story here), Matt Nordstrom, Senior Designer/Apparel Innovation, guided us through the series of innovations up for the this season of sporting excellence.

Matt Nordstrom, Senior Designer/Apparel Innovation

Here is the complete rundown of the gears out in stores soon. (Heads up – pictures galore!):

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EVENT: The Nike+ Innovation Space

26th July 2012 – In a celebration of sport, youth and human potential, Nike showcased its latest sports innovations, inviting visitors to experience its revolutionary products and engaging events at Peranakan Place (opposite Orchard Central & 313 Somerset).

The Nike+ Summer Innovations: Featured at this year’s greatest sporting event, the London Olympics, Nike has come up with a whole arsenal of performance innovations to better equip their athletes as they go for gold.

1) Nike Flyknit:

The Nike “Swag” Flyknit

Rethinking shoe construction from the ground up, and listening to the voice of the athlete, Nike has come up with the Flyknit, a racer that is designed to be as lightweight and formfitting as possible, all while providing adequate support and structure.

Employing a new proprietary technology with precisely engineering yarn and fabric variations, a size 9 shoe only weighs 160g:19% lighter than the Nike Zoom Streak 3 (worn by top 3 placing men’s marathon athletes at the 2011 world championships).

For non-professionals, fret not, for there is the Nike Flyknit Trainer+, which is an everyday running shoe which provides the benefits of the Nike Flyknit to runners of all levels.

2) Nike Lunarlon

Nike LunarGlide+4

Utilizing foam which is 30% lighter than the standard phylon, Nike Lunarlon technology spreads force out more evenly across the foot with its ultra-lightweight springy cushioning.

Providing protection while improving stability and comfort for enhanced running and workout experience, this technology can be found in this season’s Nike Lunarglide+ 4. Combined with firmer carrier foam and a dynamic support system from a two part midsole made out of opposing wedges of soft Lunarlon foam and firmer carrier foam, the shoe helps move the runner from soft to stable as the heel lands and the foot flexes down.

3) Nike Pro Turbospeed:

Nike Turbo Speed

The lightest, fastest track uniform that Nike has ever built, the Nike Pro Turbospeed suit is the result of incorporating over 1000 hours of wind tunnel testing for the past 12 years, and is up to 0.023 seconds faster over 100m than Nike’s previous track uniform.

It utilizes a concept similar to the “sharkskin swim suits”, by combining individually customized body part pieces, with different textures that mimics that of a golf ball to maximize velocity for users. Focusing on sustainability, the suit uses an average of 82% recycled polyester fabric and up to 13 recycled plastic bottles.

At this year’s Olympic track events, be sure to look out for the Nike Pro Turbospeed as athletes sprint their way to glory.

4) Nike Ecosystem

The Nike GPS SportWatch! LOVE IT! But its retailing at ard $270.

Expanding into a multi-sport eco system, athletes of any level can now find a variety of devices in a range of colors in the form of the Nike+ Sportwatch, FuelBand, Sportband and running apps.

This will allow for enhanced training experience as users will be able to monitor and tailor their trainings more effectively, record and log their routes and various running speed and times. Users can also enter into a more interactive training community, by recording mileage for events for their schools, countries and various interest groups in upcoming and ongoing Nike events.

Furthermore, Nike Running also has an initiative called RUN TO GIVE – where for every 20km logged on the Nike+ online community from this event, Nike will donate a brand new pair of shoes to AG Home. Would you like to come down to run for charity?

For athletes looking to obtain a competitive edge or improve their training, to sports enthusiasts looking to enhance their experience, below are the new products offered, so head down to Peranakan place (nearest MRT station: Somerset) to check them out!

WE RUN SG 10K is back! Reserve your entry to the race at Nike@Peranakan Place from 3 -12 August 2012! Open daily 11am – 9pm.

(Event coverage by our fitness junkie CJ)

REVIEW: The Nike LunarEclipse+ 2

(Shoe review by our running and fitness kaki – Taufiq)

At first glance, the LunarEclipse+ 2 looks pretty remarkable with the simple colour combination of neon orange and green with a base colour of black. The fact of the matter is that it is definitely an impressive shoe with some heavyweight specifications to its name. You will find the Lunareclipse+ 2 incredibly comfortable when you first put the shoe on for the first time. True story.

The shoe is generous with its inner cushioning that fits and wraps around nicely around your feet making it a joy to walk in. The sole cushioning is plentiful as well which starts from the toes all the way to the heel. LunarEclipse+ 2 has a good heel support on the achilles tendon and along with the heel cushioning, makes the shoe ideal if you want to hit a good mileage for your run.

Nike Llunar Eclipse+2 specs

The LunarEclipse+ 2 is definitely made for long-distance running. It is a little heavy for my liking but I understand the need to substitute lightweight for long-distance comfort and durability. Another issue about the shoe is that the midfoot portion is narrower and since I tend to purchase shoes half a size smaller, there was a slight ache on my foot when I wore the shoe for long periods of time. I recommend that you try the shoe out in person and make sure you have the right size which is comfortable for you as the portion for the toes is also slightly narrower.

You can get your Nike LunarEclipse+2 at all Nike boutiques and leading sports shops.

Till then, happy running y’all. 🙂

Check out also the The Nike Shield Pack for your Lunar rides. Click on the image!

P.S, Check out our last year’s review on the Nike Lunar Eclipse+: HERE

P.P.S, Ladies, have you registered for the Nike Goddess 5K Run?

HYPE: Nike+ FuelBand

(Sports Tech review by – Nash A.)

Presenting the potential new rage for workout enthusiasts – Nike+ Fuel Band, “designed for anyone who wants to be more active, measures your daily activity, every move you make and converts it into Nike Fuel”

Nike+Fuel Band

What the…Nike Fuel? My exact sentiment when i first heard it. After much research, review comparisons and going through the video over and over, let “Dr. Nash” break it down for you. *DJ hit the beat*

What is Nike Fuel?

“Ultimate measure of activity, of sport, of your entire athletic life” Nike’s sports science team have come up with a fitness metric called NikeFuel, which is based off the rate of oxygen consumption and motion , a step up from a regular accelerometer . A pretty neat algorithm measure if you ask me. It aims to pick up any motion, any activity so you could be “shuffling” your butt off and still it’d be picked up.

Attain your Goal

What to do with the Fuel then?

The bearer of the device can now set your daily goal and Nike+ FuelBand’s 20 colour LED lights tracks your progress, lighting up from red to green throughout the day. Get to green and you’ve hit your goal. Thus, you can make your life like a sport, everyday. Buttons serves to scroll between calorie count, time steps taken, and of course for you to fill er up with your fuel, your Nike Fuel.


HYPE: The Score 🙂

  1. The device has an accompanying iOS app that can communicate with the wristband via Bluetooth, and users can also boast goals met on social network sites such as Facebook and Twitter.
  2. Hook it up to your laptop or computer via USB, not that its not wireless in the first place.
  3. With the largest model being as light as 32 grams, I’m guessing you’ll never even notice that you’re wearing the band…
  4. AND it will stay powered for up to four days with two lithium polymer batteries.
  5. It is WATER RESISTANCE ensures it stays A-OK in the rain or even in the showers but NOT in the pool.
  6. Makes keeping an active lifestyle, FUN!

HYPE: The Bore 😦

  1. Its NOT Android compatible, which makes it a proprietorship hassle the moment atleast.
  2. At US$149(est) could be a tad costly as compared to the other brands (Eg.  Jawbone ($100), FitBit ($99), etc)
  3. No swimming in the FuelBand.
  4. ITS STILL NOT ON MY WRIST….YET! Judging from the specs and features, I could only review as much.

All in all, its a sleek, chic, sexy gadget that looks simple to use. I just hope it upgrades to serve multiple platforms like Android, Symbian and especially Windows. It will definitely challenge bearers to live life to the fullest and bringing their A-game 24/7.

Slated to be released in Singapore in June 2012, you may check out NIKE SINGAPORE for updates. Alternatively, you can FOLLOW us on Twitter for some of the latest sporting gears/training updates: @whywerunn

Nike+Fuel Band will be made available Nike stores in June.

Nike Fall/Winter 2011 – Nike Running Shield Pack

Hype: Nike Fall/Winter 2011 – Nike Running Shield Pack by Haffiz A.


To give runners the extra advantage to continue training safely and comfortably at night and during the rainy season, Nike has developed and applied its Shield Pack technology to all its running shoe styles this Holiday season which id due release in October 2011

Above: Nike LunarGlide+ 3 Shield (Men’s)

Above: Nike LunarGlide+ 3 Shield (Women’s)

The Shield Collection is made up of a total of six different models: the Free Run+ 2,LunarEclipse+LunarFly+Zoom Structure+ 15, Lunarswift+ 3, and LunarGlide+ 3. Each shoe features a weather-proof upper built with Nike’s custom Durable Water Repellent (DWR) technology, as well as reflective material to keep runners visible at night. In addition to providing a safe shield for the wearer, the shoes consists of a Fall-appropriate colorway colorways made up of mostly grey and orange with white accents.

Free Run+ 2 Shield Pack
Free Run+ 2 Shield Pack

The Nike Shield Pack features:

  • Highly reflective overlays that remain visible in low-light conditions
  • DWR mesh features a water-repellent treatment for coverage in wet conditions, without preventing breathability
  • Nike-exclusive BW2 mesh allows for a no-sew bond to increase water-resistance and provide a lightweight ride
  • The Shield Collection is made up of a total of six different models (for Singapore)
  • Free Run+ 2, LunarEclipse+, LunarFly+ 2, Zoom Structure+ 15, Lunarswift+ 3 and LunarGlide+ 3
  • Each shoe features a weather-proof upper built with Nike’s custom Durable Water Repellent (DWR) technology, as well as reflective material to keep runners visible at night – COOL HUH! 🙂


Nike LunarEclipse+ Shield
Nike LunarEclipse+ Shield
Nike LunarSwift+ 3  Shield
Nike LunarSwift+ 3 Shield
Nike Zoom Structure+ 15 Shield
Nike Zoom Structure+ 15 Shield
Nike LunarFly+ Shield
Nike LunarFly+ Shield

Whether you are a beginner or an elite runner, this pack has a shoe is for everyone, the updates will leaving you with no more excuses to avoid training!

Retailing at SGD$199 for the LunarGlide+ 3 Shield, it is available at all Nike stores. Go check it out! 😀


Ain’t your ordinary Twilight Saga.

I recently got hold of the Nike Lunar Eclipse shoe. And with the shoe being the latest line of Nike “Lunar” Shoes (remember the Lunar Glide+, Lunar Glide+ 2, Lunar Trainer, Lunar Elite etc) i wouldnt be surprised if they come out with a shoe named Lunar Tunes. 😛 Hahaha! Looney Tunes? Got it?

Daym! Where’s your sense of humour?

Okay never mind. Anyways, due to hectic school, work and training schedule, my post for Lunar Eclipse wont be coming out very soon. Maybe in a week or two. So before you decide on getting which model of the Nike Lunar range of shoes for your runs, stay tuned to find out more about the Eclipse. Afterall, awesome reviews like these comes…well, once in a blue moon. 😉


Till next time, Guten Tag and happy running y’all!

The Nike+ GPS app for iPhone

Last month i was informed that Nike will be unveiling the Nike+ GPS app for iPhone towards the end of the awesome 2010 year. I must admit that i was relieved that Nike finally created an iPhone app for their Nike+ Sports band. Their idea of allowing runners to track and monitor their runs on the Sports ID Band was a pretty rad idea however i find it kinda troublesome at times to have to plug in the Sports ID Band USB into the computer to get it synced. 😦 Since majority of people are hooking and syncing things up to the iPhones, this new app serves to take the idea of monitoring your runs to a whole new different mile. 😉

With 8 different languages to suit the ever affluent global speaking Singaporeans, have no fear if you would like to further improve on your French, Chinese (Simple), Chinese (Traditional), German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese (text only/English voiceover), and Spanish tongues.

Some of the interesting features of the App:

1) Run Anywhere: From indoor to outdoor, track to treadmill, this new app combines the power of GPS technology with an accelerometer to map and track a run from anywhere. Even if the GPS signal is not available, the accelerometer will allow the user to continue to track pace, distance, time and calories-burned.

What this means for you Singaporeans: Whether you’re on the Red line, the Yellow line or the Green line which often than not gives us very bad reception on the 3G connection, you’ll still be able to monitor your runs nonetheless. This is even more useful when you’re doing trail running in the “forests & hills” of Singapore.

2) Map Your Runs: GPS technology allows runners to keep track all of their routes including a breakdown of pace and distance at different points during a run. Runners can even tap the screen during a run to see their current location.

What this means for you Singaporeans: Us being Singaporeans, we like to be served here and there and thus with this feature, you can sit back, relax and be rest assured that there’s someone who will do the maths for you.

3) Challenge Yourself: The “Challenge Me” feature allows runners to challenge themselves to run farther, faster, or longer than a previous run already logged. The app will also track run history to be able to personalize challenges.

What this means for you Singaporeans: We complain about competing with foreigners in most sectors. So fight no more with them and challenge yourself. For the runs that is.

4) Stay Connected: Runners can wirelessly connect with after each run to instantly save the run and share it with friends via the site, Twitter, or Facebook. In addition, they can view their progress on goals, participate in running challenges and download coaching programs.

What this means for you Singaporeans: What better way to motivate yourself to run faster, better, stronger than to have your FB & Twitter friends mock your ridiculously slow timings for your runs. Now you got something to prove.

5) Stay Motivated: Runners receive motivating messages from top athletes and celebrities when specific customized goals are achieved, challenges are won, or when a personal best is achieved. Runners can also tap the iPhone screen to receive in-run feedback.

What this means for you Singaporeans: One of the closest ways you can be “close” to a celebrity. What up!

With a clean interface and welcoming screen, it is very easy to navigate your way round the app. Idiot proof much i must say. I particularly like the idea of being able to set your own PowerSongs.For me, i had House  and R&B music with a lil of HipHop as my PowerSongs. \m/ Also i was able to select the Voice Type for the cheer. Guys would definitely select the female voice. I mean, who wouldnt? 😛 Hahahaha! lastly, one could set the distance and/or the time for the motivational cheer to kick in during the run. 🙂 Naice!

Downside of this app:

  • Its built for iPhone users (Yeah, we rock!) so far.
  • It costs US$1.99 for the app.
  • Go and register and create an account with Nike+. (takes only 2min though)
  • You may need to get the iPhone/iPod arm-band as well so that u can strap it to your arm.

All in all, i feel that this app is pretty awesome. So much till it garnered the accolade of TIME’s Top 10 iPhone Apps of 2010 (click HERE for more info) to Makes your running experience more fun and interesting. Plus no hassle of checking your watch most times just to check how fast or steady you’ve been running. With plenty of runs and races coming right up this year of 2011, runners may consider downloading this app into their iPhones. At US$1.99 for permanent download from the Apple Store, its a cheap investment to have a new feel, thrill and running buddy during your runs.

Have yet to run with it. But stay tuned yaw.

Till next time, Guten Tag!

The Carl Lewis Experience

You know what? Its been soooo long since i wanted to share this really awesome experience with y’all. I must say, work has been pretty harsh on me. What to do? Need money, have to work lorh. It has been taking up most of my time lately and whatnots. Oh well, now, that i got myself a spankin’ new laptop, i now can blog almost anywhere (where there’s connection) anytime. 🙂

Anyways, on 5th December, coinciding with the SCSM 2010, was the special appearance by an Olympic legend – Frederick Carlton Lewis. BEST KNOWN as track legend, Carl Lewis. Booyah! I must admit that i’ve heard stories about him back in my schooling days. He, alongside people like Ben Johnson, Justin Gatlin, Usain Bolt were  pretty much the talk of the town for the 100m event. But of course, some werent really “clean”. Hahaha!

Carl Lewis was really cool. Although its been 10 years+ since he was in his peak form, i must say that his physique was still amazing. Toned, muscular and fit-looking, no wonder he was named the Olympic Athlete of the Century, World Athlete of the Year (3 times) & US Athlete of the Year (7 times)! ZOMG!

Daym! Those arms!

He arrived at the Wisma Atria’s Nike Boutique with a barrage of people, staffs and a bodyguard (who i find pretty irritating at times. Geez.). Well anyways, the reason why he came to the Boutique was to present the present the Nike City 10K SG vs KL Challenge donation of US$30,000 to the Singapore Children’s Society. Because, we SINGAPOREANS won the Nike City 10K SG vs KL Challenge. I guess being KIASU has made us stamina-cally fitter. 😛

Anyways, i must say that being up close and somewhat personal with an International Olympic Athlete was really an awesome experience.  He took photographs with the guests and staffs and also left his footprints in the store. Like literally. He made an impression in a clay tablet that he later signed it as well. Kinda like the palm print in those Hollywood Stars but for the sporting scene, we use feet! Nice huh!

carl lewis

Anyways, if you were to drop by the Nike Singapore Wisma Atria‘s boutique from the 1st floor, you would have noticed the “long jump” like design on the floor. THAT, whole distance is the distance that Carl Lewis flew in the 1991 Olympics Long Jump. A-to the-MAZING! Its a scary thought of how he or ANYONE, for that matter, could actually jump that far. :S

All in all, from his arrival to the autograph session in the boutique had been a memorable one. My fav part was the short sharing he had with us all and when asked “How he set himself to win those many medals?” , Carl Lewis simply replied – “Worry about your performance and the medals will take care of itself.”

Nicely said. This is so gonna be my FB status!

P.S, Carl Lewis’s Personal Bestest tees are up for grabs in the store too! I got a white 8.87m with the GOLD Nike logo! Did i mention i got his autograph too? Nyehehehe! Now, this tee jut became LEGEND…wait for it…DARY!

Till next time, Guten Tag!

(Photos from Nike Wisma Atria’s FB page. I would have loved to use my photos i took for the event but sadly, it wasnt as fantastic. Thanks ah to those people who stood in front of me while i tried to take them photos! >;( )

You dont run. You fly.








Birds of a feather, flock together.



You dont run. You fly.


When i run, i prefer a companion, a friend, a motivator beside me. Someone who would go all out with me and push me not TO, but PAST my limits. Some people may prefer running solo, but for me, good things come in pairs.

Just like the shoes im wearing. 😉


Nike Flagstore for 500 Slots release

Some Photos taken on the 30th September 2010, Runners from all over Singapore came down to Wisma Flagstore to take the opportunity to sign up for 500 registration slot that was release by Nike for the SG vs KL Nike City 10k.


Registration went smoothly compared to 2009…


Some Trash talk posters..


First peek on the Event tee (hmm.. Silhouette of Singapore city scape)


Nike Lunarglide +2

23 more days to Nike 10k  (: