HYPE: Adidas Predator D5 LZ vs Nike Mercurial Vapour VIII

With 2 new boots coming your way in the market, which one would you choose? Which one will dominate the turf?

Adidas Predator D5 LZ (Leathal Zone)

With all the hype of it having “perfected” the spots on the boots for where the First Touch, Drive and the Sweet Spots are, the way i see it,.Adidas is targeting the serious footballers. Although it has yet to #unleash (hashtag on twitter) this latest range of football boots here in Singapore, Question is – Will all these “sweet spots” really make a difference to a player’s performance? Will the weekend warriors give it a go?

With the previous season’s adizero F50 boots being powered by the miCoach tracking device, i really hope that this Predator would be designed to hold the miCoach too. It would be awesome to be able to track your fastest speed, distance etc in a game of soccer. Oh yeah, one more thing, rumour has it, the Xavi from FC Barcelona is the player tasked to mark the spots on the boots and co-developed it. Afterall, that guy has spectacular ball control and delivery skills. OMG. :O


Nike Mercurial Vapour VIII 

With 2 big names in the sporting world coming together to put up an interesting advertorial concept on the latest Nike football boots, i had to watch it. Whats interesting is that it does not really tell about the boots intended specifications. But instead makes you run wild with your imagination to what this boots could do for you. Well, then again, its Cristiano Ronaldo here with the boots. He could score with a back heel with his eyes closed if he wanted to. Anyways, gotta love that guy! My sporting idol by the way. Heh.

Back to the boots – With a clean cut, bright orange design, the boots indeed looked slick and aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Would probably appeal to the youngsters who would go for looks and colour rather than actual performance. Mind you, im not saying this boots will not deliver, but seriously, its all up to the player’s skills at the end of the day.

All in all, to all football (and soccer) lovers out there, these 2 boots really really looked delicious and would certainly be the highlight amongst your football kakis. I would not go on to say which one i prefer the more because for me, my feet’s comfort being in the boots is my number 1 factor in selecting a pair of them. Aesthetics wise, bright colours would certainly make my day as i dazzle past defenders doing step overs etc. Hahaha! 😛

At the end of the day, what’s important is the bond and game time you have with your friends (and even strangers!). Afterall, keeping fit and healthy doesnt necessarily have to be boring or a chore. It is super fun when you are doing it with friends. Like playing football. 🙂

P.S, as the team and I are having our semester’s exams real soon, we apologize for the lack of updates, posts and stories right here on the blog. Also our uber late responses in replying the overwhelming emails. We will resume blogging proper once we’re done with exams (in mid-May). Till then, do follow us on Twitter for our shout outs on health, fitness and sporting updates and retweets!

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REVIEW: The Nike LunarEclipse+ 2

(Shoe review by our running and fitness kaki – Taufiq)

At first glance, the LunarEclipse+ 2 looks pretty remarkable with the simple colour combination of neon orange and green with a base colour of black. The fact of the matter is that it is definitely an impressive shoe with some heavyweight specifications to its name. You will find the Lunareclipse+ 2 incredibly comfortable when you first put the shoe on for the first time. True story.

The shoe is generous with its inner cushioning that fits and wraps around nicely around your feet making it a joy to walk in. The sole cushioning is plentiful as well which starts from the toes all the way to the heel. LunarEclipse+ 2 has a good heel support on the achilles tendon and along with the heel cushioning, makes the shoe ideal if you want to hit a good mileage for your run.

Nike Llunar Eclipse+2 specs

The LunarEclipse+ 2 is definitely made for long-distance running. It is a little heavy for my liking but I understand the need to substitute lightweight for long-distance comfort and durability. Another issue about the shoe is that the midfoot portion is narrower and since I tend to purchase shoes half a size smaller, there was a slight ache on my foot when I wore the shoe for long periods of time. I recommend that you try the shoe out in person and make sure you have the right size which is comfortable for you as the portion for the toes is also slightly narrower.

You can get your Nike LunarEclipse+2 at all Nike boutiques and leading sports shops.

Till then, happy running y’all. 🙂

Check out also the The Nike Shield Pack for your Lunar rides. Click on the image!

P.S, Check out our last year’s review on the Nike Lunar Eclipse+: HERE

P.P.S, Ladies, have you registered for the Nike Goddess 5K Run?

Nike Fall/Winter 2011 – Nike Running Shield Pack

Hype: Nike Fall/Winter 2011 – Nike Running Shield Pack by Haffiz A.


To give runners the extra advantage to continue training safely and comfortably at night and during the rainy season, Nike has developed and applied its Shield Pack technology to all its running shoe styles this Holiday season which id due release in October 2011

Above: Nike LunarGlide+ 3 Shield (Men’s)

Above: Nike LunarGlide+ 3 Shield (Women’s)

The Shield Collection is made up of a total of six different models: the Free Run+ 2,LunarEclipse+LunarFly+Zoom Structure+ 15, Lunarswift+ 3, and LunarGlide+ 3. Each shoe features a weather-proof upper built with Nike’s custom Durable Water Repellent (DWR) technology, as well as reflective material to keep runners visible at night. In addition to providing a safe shield for the wearer, the shoes consists of a Fall-appropriate colorway colorways made up of mostly grey and orange with white accents.

Free Run+ 2 Shield Pack
Free Run+ 2 Shield Pack

The Nike Shield Pack features:

  • Highly reflective overlays that remain visible in low-light conditions
  • DWR mesh features a water-repellent treatment for coverage in wet conditions, without preventing breathability
  • Nike-exclusive BW2 mesh allows for a no-sew bond to increase water-resistance and provide a lightweight ride
  • The Shield Collection is made up of a total of six different models (for Singapore)
  • Free Run+ 2, LunarEclipse+, LunarFly+ 2, Zoom Structure+ 15, Lunarswift+ 3 and LunarGlide+ 3
  • Each shoe features a weather-proof upper built with Nike’s custom Durable Water Repellent (DWR) technology, as well as reflective material to keep runners visible at night – COOL HUH! 🙂


Nike LunarEclipse+ Shield
Nike LunarEclipse+ Shield
Nike LunarSwift+ 3  Shield
Nike LunarSwift+ 3 Shield
Nike Zoom Structure+ 15 Shield
Nike Zoom Structure+ 15 Shield
Nike LunarFly+ Shield
Nike LunarFly+ Shield

Whether you are a beginner or an elite runner, this pack has a shoe is for everyone, the updates will leaving you with no more excuses to avoid training!

Retailing at SGD$199 for the LunarGlide+ 3 Shield, it is available at all Nike stores. Go check it out! 😀


Alann’s Nike Shopping Adventure!

Its been really really long since i got to sit down and blog my heart out talk about anything sporty under the sun. Its been a tiring 3 months for me, really. Juggling school assignments, working here and there and also not forgetting my trainings. Haiz…. its really been uber tiring!

Anyways, H’s friend, Alann was about to leave for NZ for his studies and he came to us for opinions on a running cum casual wear shoe. He had wanted to use it for both normal casual wear as well as for his training runs in NZ. Vibram was a NO-GO cause wearing it during a cold weather would prolly freeze his feet to death! xP Salomon was a tad too hardcore for him, so i suggested the Nike Lunar Eclipse (as my feet has been in the shoes before). Deciding on the colour and design over FB Chat was pretty tough and so we decided to meet up at Nike Wisma Atria in town.

Upon reaching the boutique, we wasted no time in heading to Level 1’s running shoes area. Alann narrowed down his choices to the Nike Elite+ 2 and the Nike Free. Gawd, i must say that both designs were really really nice! Spoilt for choice but we cant really buy both shoes so we kinda waited and waited for soooo long for him to try both shoes and walking around with it! Hahaha! TESTING TESTING LORH.

Should i get the Nike Elite+ 2…..?

Or the Nike Free….? =/

After much deliberation and stuff, with me fiddling about with the DSLR, H talking to Rebel Graphics Designer, Azman El Chachos, and like what seemed an eternity, Alann finally made his choice – The Nike Lunar Elite+ 2. I personally, preferred the Nike Free tho. 😛  But oh wells, Alann’s doing the shopping today. Me? Prolly next time. 🙂 Hahaha!

With the numerous designs and colour combis, oh well, i must say that the Nike designs are pretty awesome. Gagagagaga!

We spent like 1 hour probably in the boutique waiting for Alann to pick out his choice, i went upstairs to search for the compression top (but they dont have it there, no size, no colour). So sad right? Apparently, the Nike compression gears are being sold like hot cakes! Always no stock every time i’m there. Or is it maybe im just suay (unlucky)? I really like Nike’s approach to their design on their sports apparels. Making it a fusion of funkiness, yet wear-able (as in not the nonsense high-end designers kind. gawd have you seen such dominatrix-isque shoes?) and at the same time all the colours seem to fuse nicely.  ^_^.\/

I swear on his mind he went something like, “I got them shoes b**tches!”…. Ok, im just guessing. Teehee!

All packed. And ready for New Zealand. :’) So good, the shoe gets to go to NZ, while im still here in SG. Haiz…. -__-” We had a fun day going out for some shoppin’ lovin’. Headed to Starbucks and had dinner before H and i went off to catch a sneak peak of the then-latest movie, err….. i forgot what, but yeah. We caught a movie. Bromance. Oh whaddaheck. Happy reading, peoples! (i know its supposed to be PEOPLE, without the ‘S’) Sheesh.


On an additional note, Nike has launched their new SPRING/SUMMER COLLECTION 2011 like a month or 2 ago. Kinda late but i swear i dont have good photos for it. So for those of you who would like to check out the event launch (WHICH IS UBER UNIQUE!) at Naumi Hotel, check out Fay Hokulani’s blog @ www.withlovefay.com ! She has got really awesome pics of the event and whatnots. Check out the upcoming designs too! ZOMG!!  Serious, i was using an iPhone 3GS to take photos. WHAT. THE. HELL.  Yes, i dont have my own camera to take photos with cause (1) Its expensive/costly to get a good cam & (2) To get a good cam its expensive/costly for a student. Nuff said.

Poor lil young me. Seriously, compare my photos to Fay’s. 😛

Or screw it lah, just head over to Nike Wisma Atria and check it out. Gawd, my photos are sooooo….. not bad jugak (also)!


Learn more about the different Running styles

Knowing your Running Style is important as it will help you decide the type of running shoe you would need. There are 3 types of running style, which is categorize by the landing of the foot in each stride.

Heel Strikers

The back portion of your heel comes in contact with the ground first and then the foot rolls onto the sole and pushes off from the ball of the foot for the next stride. Heel striking will result in more shock impose to your knees and ankles as your leg will be fairly stiff on impact. Heel strikers tend not to make use of the natural shock absorbent properties of their arch and foot, which are the first areas of shock absorption during a run.

  • Recommended shoes:

Due to the reduced use of the natural shock absorbers of the arch and foot, it is recommended that running shoes with cushioned heel regions would help lessen the shock and impact on contact. Most cushioning shoes will provide the support.

Mid-foot Strikers

The mid section or the ball of your foot contacts the ground first during a run. The leg tends to flex on contact with the ground, therefore introducing less stress on the knees and minimizing pressure on the ankles.

  • Recommended shoes:

It is ideal to have running shoes with cushioning or padding in the mid section of the shoes. However, there are not many running shoes in the market with substantial mid-foot cushioning.


The front of the foot is the first to contact the ground. A forefoot runner will also have the leg flexed on contact to the ground therefore causing less stress on the knees and ankle. This is much like use by sprinter.

  • Recommended shoes:

Similar to mid-foot strikers, the shoes should have more cushioning or padding in the front section of the shoes to help with the shock absorption.

Cheers! (:

Ain’t your ordinary Twilight Saga.

I recently got hold of the Nike Lunar Eclipse shoe. And with the shoe being the latest line of Nike “Lunar” Shoes (remember the Lunar Glide+, Lunar Glide+ 2, Lunar Trainer, Lunar Elite etc) i wouldnt be surprised if they come out with a shoe named Lunar Tunes. 😛 Hahaha! Looney Tunes? Got it?

Daym! Where’s your sense of humour?

Okay never mind. Anyways, due to hectic school, work and training schedule, my post for Lunar Eclipse wont be coming out very soon. Maybe in a week or two. So before you decide on getting which model of the Nike Lunar range of shoes for your runs, stay tuned to find out more about the Eclipse. Afterall, awesome reviews like these comes…well, once in a blue moon. 😉


Till next time, Guten Tag and happy running y’all!