GEAR HYPE: Nike+ Innovation Arsenal

In conjunction with the London Olympics 2012, NIKE is firing on all cylinders. From head to toe, NIKE is suiting up their athletes (and those who aspires) with superior performance. Pushing technology to the limit. From dynamic cable strings, knitted fibres, breathable kicks, aero-dynamic compression suits-you name it, NIKE aims to beat it.

From the recent Sports Innovation Exibition @ Peranakan Place (you can read that story here), Matt Nordstrom, Senior Designer/Apparel Innovation, guided us through the series of innovations up for the this season of sporting excellence.

Matt Nordstrom, Senior Designer/Apparel Innovation

Here is the complete rundown of the gears out in stores soon. (Heads up – pictures galore!):

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EVENT: The Nike+ Innovation Space

26th July 2012 – In a celebration of sport, youth and human potential, Nike showcased its latest sports innovations, inviting visitors to experience its revolutionary products and engaging events at Peranakan Place (opposite Orchard Central & 313 Somerset).

The Nike+ Summer Innovations: Featured at this year’s greatest sporting event, the London Olympics, Nike has come up with a whole arsenal of performance innovations to better equip their athletes as they go for gold.

1) Nike Flyknit:

The Nike “Swag” Flyknit

Rethinking shoe construction from the ground up, and listening to the voice of the athlete, Nike has come up with the Flyknit, a racer that is designed to be as lightweight and formfitting as possible, all while providing adequate support and structure.

Employing a new proprietary technology with precisely engineering yarn and fabric variations, a size 9 shoe only weighs 160g:19% lighter than the Nike Zoom Streak 3 (worn by top 3 placing men’s marathon athletes at the 2011 world championships).

For non-professionals, fret not, for there is the Nike Flyknit Trainer+, which is an everyday running shoe which provides the benefits of the Nike Flyknit to runners of all levels.

2) Nike Lunarlon

Nike LunarGlide+4

Utilizing foam which is 30% lighter than the standard phylon, Nike Lunarlon technology spreads force out more evenly across the foot with its ultra-lightweight springy cushioning.

Providing protection while improving stability and comfort for enhanced running and workout experience, this technology can be found in this season’s Nike Lunarglide+ 4. Combined with firmer carrier foam and a dynamic support system from a two part midsole made out of opposing wedges of soft Lunarlon foam and firmer carrier foam, the shoe helps move the runner from soft to stable as the heel lands and the foot flexes down.

3) Nike Pro Turbospeed:

Nike Turbo Speed

The lightest, fastest track uniform that Nike has ever built, the Nike Pro Turbospeed suit is the result of incorporating over 1000 hours of wind tunnel testing for the past 12 years, and is up to 0.023 seconds faster over 100m than Nike’s previous track uniform.

It utilizes a concept similar to the “sharkskin swim suits”, by combining individually customized body part pieces, with different textures that mimics that of a golf ball to maximize velocity for users. Focusing on sustainability, the suit uses an average of 82% recycled polyester fabric and up to 13 recycled plastic bottles.

At this year’s Olympic track events, be sure to look out for the Nike Pro Turbospeed as athletes sprint their way to glory.

4) Nike Ecosystem

The Nike GPS SportWatch! LOVE IT! But its retailing at ard $270.

Expanding into a multi-sport eco system, athletes of any level can now find a variety of devices in a range of colors in the form of the Nike+ Sportwatch, FuelBand, Sportband and running apps.

This will allow for enhanced training experience as users will be able to monitor and tailor their trainings more effectively, record and log their routes and various running speed and times. Users can also enter into a more interactive training community, by recording mileage for events for their schools, countries and various interest groups in upcoming and ongoing Nike events.

Furthermore, Nike Running also has an initiative called RUN TO GIVE – where for every 20km logged on the Nike+ online community from this event, Nike will donate a brand new pair of shoes to AG Home. Would you like to come down to run for charity?

For athletes looking to obtain a competitive edge or improve their training, to sports enthusiasts looking to enhance their experience, below are the new products offered, so head down to Peranakan place (nearest MRT station: Somerset) to check them out!

WE RUN SG 10K is back! Reserve your entry to the race at Nike@Peranakan Place from 3 -12 August 2012! Open daily 11am – 9pm.

(Event coverage by our fitness junkie CJ)

FOOTBALL HYPE: Go Green, Go Fast with the Nike GS “Boots of Speed”

If you think playing DOTA or World of Warcraft (WoW) are the only realms where you can buy your characters the enchanted “Boots of Speed”, well, FOOTBALL ENTHUSIASTS LEGS UP! Cause Nike recently unveiled its latest and newest boots – The Nike GS. 

Not these Boots of Speed of course!

BUT THESE Boots Of Speed!

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EVENT: NIKE ‘The Chance” Singapore Finals

Singapore, 3rd June 2012 – 5 young football-enthusiast have been given Chance in a lifetime to represent Singapore in the global football competition spearheaded by Nike. Called “The Chance”, it will eventually see 100 players from 55 countries around the world traveling to FC Barcelona’s famed youth academy and undergo evaluation by a world-class team of coaches and scouts. The best 16 footballers from the global finals will be chosen by Nike to experience the ultimate training tour as their reward; facing some of the most renowned academy teams in world football – including Manchester United and a U.S. Youth National Team during a once-in-a-lifetime four week tour!

Left to right, Randy Pay, Afiq Mat Noor, Faris Ramli, Nazirul Islam, Sim Li Ming.

The 5 boys that made it through to the Regional Finals are: Muhammad Afiq Bin Mat Noor (19 years old), Muhammad Al Nazirul Islam Bin Abdul Razak (20 years old), Muhammad Faris Bin Ramli (19 years old), Randy Pay Zhan Hao (21 years old) and Sim Li Ming (23 years old).

However, the journey for these 5 are far from over as they would have to battle it out for the Top 4 places in the Regional Finals. Competing against 15 other selected players from Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand, the boys would certainly have to shine, deliver and just do it if they are ever going to impress the coaches and scouts. Because only the top 4 would proceed on to the global finals in Spain. 

Are Singaporeans good enough?

Competitions like these would have most of us asking – “Can our Singapore boys REALLY stand out and deliver in this global competition?”. Perhaps against the likes of our South East Asian neighbours, they might, if they do not buckle under the pressure AND have a tremendous amount of fitness. I mean, these boys will be training in Indonesia and definitely, the weather there would affect their performances. The only way to combat that is to always have high-level of fitness so that they can adapt quickly in most conditions.

Left to Right, Randy Pay, Faris Ramli, Sim Li Ming, Afiq Mat Noor and Nazirul Islam

However, judging from their built and size, should they proceed on to the global stage, this factor could go against their favour. Although there have been small built players who have excelled in the sport (think Lionel Messi), I doubt we would ever have our very own Singapore “Messi”. With the way our education-system is run, Singaporeans are more likely to pursue a career in a more “stable and recognizable field” besides sports. Not many people get much out of chasing their dreams or passion in playing sports. Some quit half way. Some get injured. Some grow a little too old too fast (like you and me) to get a chance at stardom. 😛

But hey, I guess that is what Nike “The Chance” is all about. Giving our HOMEGROWN talents that one opportunity to beat the odds and chase their dream in football. For what is worth, that is what I would like to see more in the future. Now that they have been selected, seems like these 5 boys would have to go out there and well….JUST DO IT. 😉

P.S, the boys get to train in Nike’s latest range of boots – the Nike Mercurial Vapor VIII. Sadly, I cant say much about the feel and performance of the boots except that it does look rather nice on Cristiano Ronaldo’s feet. Would look nicer on mine I’d say. Haha.

Nike Goddess 5K Run Giveaways!

Ladies, fancy running the Nike Goddess 5K with your BFF? Or looking to kick start your running mileage for this year? Or even, thinking of running in an ALL-WOMEN’s run? Look no further!

We are pleased to giveaway 2 FREE Nike Goddess 5K slots to YOU and your BFF! Yes, we want YOU ladies out there to get out and start running! Time to lead a healthy lifestyle! Of course, terms and conditions apply. 🙂

To win the competition, follow the steps below:

STEP 1: Under the COMMENTS section, tell us why YOU and your buddy deserve to win the competition.

STEP 2: Using your creative juices, come out with your BEST caption/tagline for the Nike Goddess 5K Run.

STEP 3: Remember to include your Name & Email in the comments section so that we can contact you should you be selected. (Don’t worry, the particulars wont be made public)

STEP 4: Smile. And LIKE our FB Page if you like US. I mean, we are nice people arent we? 🙂



Details on the Nike Goddess 5K Run:

Date: Saturday, 14th April 2012

Venue: Wave House Sentosa

Time: 1600H or 4pm for that matter

Next Training Sessions For Girls: Saturday, 1st April 2012 (click icon below)

Still in doubt, read more about LAST YEAR’S NIKE GODDESS 5K RUN, as covered by one of our female runners – Gisete!

Nike We Run SG 10K – The Vlogging Experience

Pardon the shaky camera and lousy visuals. Should have brought in a camera crew from Hollywood dont you think?

As the saying goes, a picture speaks a thousand words. But a video speaks a thousand pictures instead. So here it is, my first attempt to capture the moments during my Nike Run 2011. An awesome event overall with 12,000 running through the streets, post-entertainment with LIVE performances from  local artistes and an a great reception over at the reception area. You know what’s better? The “finisher’s medal”.

Watch the video to find out what it is! And oh, a special shout out to my friends who were there with me be it during the race, after the race and after the after race. You guys and ladies know who you are! 😉

I have uploaded 4 more Nike We Run SG 10K video interviews and casual chat sessions with some awesome possum people including the WINNER  OF WHY WE RUN NETWORK’S  NIKE CONTEST – MDM NG ! Despite her age, she came to the event, she saw the race and she conquered the 10K. Hell yeah, she ran SG 10K yo!

Here are some some of the video links to our YouTube account (search: whywerunn) –

  1. My Post Nike Race Review
  2. Chitty Chatty with the 987FM DJs – Divian and Jacqui
  3. Interview with Mark SBTG on his first ever NIKE run!
  4. Interview with our WINNER of our first ever contest giveaway – Mdm Ng!
Till next time, Guten Tag! See you at the next Nike Run  y’all!
P.S, Any suggestions for a good mini and easily mounted sports camcorder that i should consider? Hahaha!

Something wicked this way comes – Nike LunarGlide+ 3

Step aside magical wands, broomsticks and the evil bad guy with NO nose to wear awesome shades, cause this (wicked news) just in – the Nike LunarGlide+3. Yes, the much anticipated 3rd “installment” of the Nike LunarGlide+ series is making its way in town. Yes, Harry Potter and friends can really kiss goodbye to health and fitness cause the only sports they play is sitting on broomsticks and throw balls or catch a ping-pong sized flying object. One wonders how they actually keep themselves fit. Anyways….. back to the main highlight – The Nike LunarGlide+ 3!

With a couple of changes to the new model, the LunarGlide+ 3 does have aesthetically better design (in my opinion) and colour too! Thank god the design for the men’s shoes are fierce looking. Love the red-green combination! What up! (I’m a man. I’m a visual creature. Can’t blame me for that! :P)

I shall not go any further into the performance and comfort of the shoe (while walking, running or simply gyming in them) just yet as i have yet to personally try them on. However, one cant wait to get my feet in these wicked looking thing! I mean, with the newly designed midfoot strap, bonded no-sew construction (around the toe-box), soft wrap-around heel collar padding,  floating heel-clip & the ultra-soft Lunarlon foam cushionand lastly its longitudinal flex groove (which allows the shoe to flex for natural motion) how not to look forward to the new shoe right?!

I understand that lately, the idea of “barefoot” running or fore foot running seems to be up and coming but i’ve got to be honest and fair here – out there, there are still people who have not made the 100% conversion and/or are into barefoot running idea yet. I must say im not fully converted into a fore foot running style just yet. If there’s any reason for you to want to change and make that conversion, remember – the change in running style doesnt change overnight nor after a mere 5km or 10km mileage. It has gotta be transitional.

In a mother’s layman terms: “Slowly slowly change”. If anyone is looking forward towards that change, well, there is the Nike Free+ 2. 😛

For more info, check out:

Nike Goddess 5K Race Review

The sun’s blazing but it certainly didn’t do much to evaporate the excitement in the air. Despite the swirling heat, everyone’s faces were beaming with excitement. It was probably a race that attracted the most number of younger casual runners due to the way it was marketed.

Though I am not a big fan of pink, I was impressed by the awesome color scheme of pink and black. If only the running tees were in screaming pink, that would have been perfect!  The feminist banners injected some cheekiness and it was pretty entertaining reading them. This one’s my favorite :

Music’s great though the MCs were just so-so. Does their script only have one sentence ‘running is for girls’ or simply a lack of creativity?  Instead of the non stop gender debate on ‘who does it better’, I thought a few moment’s brief on safety or even race etiquette would have been more useful. Most participants were probably new to races and it might have helped minimize congestion during the race.

I like new routes so this one though short was a nice surprise. Overtaking was difficult given the strong crowd and narrow paths.  Again, a quick reminder for walkers to keep left before the race might have helped the situation. There were ample water points but the helpers at the 1st water station were struggling to fill the cups quickly enough. The cheering was great especially when most could easily give up due to the crazy heat.

There were throngs of girls on the bridge waiting to grab a towel. If only it was a cold towel given out at the end of the bridge that would have been heavenly!  Went on to queue for my most desired 100+, ice mountain and a nice black box which contains…..ahhhh a finisher trophy, NICE…2 thumbs up.

I thought about the other 2 women’s only race and I must say the experience was simply different.

  1. For some reason, I feel like I was 20 years old again. Was it the vibrancy or simply the whole look and feel the organizer intended? Regardless, it just felt good
  2. No more hot sun or muddy fields after the race to collect finisher items. Thank god for that!
  3. More casual participants vs competitive runners than the other races. This is great because this is a start to getting more girls to start running (exercising) and 5K is a very manageable distance
  4. Last but not least, I love the trophy vs some bracelet and is a nice change from medals too.

In addition to a few kinks, I thought the organizer might like to consider having 2 or 3 flag offs for better crowd management if the same route were to be used again next year. Runners may be categorized according to their finishing time and this will allow competitive runners to run their personal best while the casual ones to walk-a-jog at their comfortable pace without being jostled at.

All in all, it was a good race despite the heat and a few hiccups. This is one hell of a hot run with lots of hot babes (literally aka sweating) too. Count me in for the next one!



The Goddess

Nike Free+ 2 Sneak Peaks @ Hort Park!

The Nike Free+ 2 Experience

The Nike Free+ 2 “Classroom”

The Nike Free+ 2 – For Him (left side) & For Her (right side)

Flexible and Bendable soles give your feet a more natural feel.

Bright and loud colours, light up the day.

Bright Red screams PHEE-WEET!

Tried running barefoot to capture my running style/pressure and compared it when im running with the Nike Free+2…

With the Nike Free+ 2, the pressure by my feet was dissipated evenly and also in terms of landing style, its pretty much the same as when i ran barefoot – thus concluding that the Nike Free+ 2 kinda acts like you running barefoot with adequate protection.


As the Nike Free+ 2 is designed to create a barefoot running feel, i would reckon that one should use the shoe more as a training shoe first, Dont jump straight into running a solid 21km or so with it just yet. 42km? Dont even think about it mate. Use the shoe and clock a good 20% of your latest max run, warming up and getting used to the new feel this “barefoot” feel shoe. I used it for a short 400-500m run with it and i must say that the traction is pretty neat on both concrete as well as the grassy patch. However, the foam/rubber sole of the shoe does feel a little plastic-ky and might not last long like that, but thankfully, Nike has added some Abrasion-Resistant BRS 1000 carbon rubber on strategically placed areas on the sole for enhanced durability.

All in all, the whole Nike Free+ 2 experience or try-out had been pretty cool. With the likes of Mok Ying Ren, Sumiko Tan, Jason Lawrence and Anne Date who are all, super crazy runners, gracing the event, it had been an exciting and fun 2-3 hours of interacting with seasoned runners, meddling and trying out the Nike Free+ 2, as  well as helping myself to some weird miniature finger foods. 😛  This shoe is ideal for runners who wants the strengthening and natural gait management benefits associated with barefoot running without the expense of cushioning, traction, and underfoot protection of a shoe….

…and not to forget a good ol’ fashion statement with its solid and bright colours. Now thats, running with style. 😉

As i didnt get the opportunity to run more and clock substantial mileage to put the shoe to the test (in running, in gym, on treadmills in my strongman trainings), i cant really say that  the shoe is the best “barefoot” shoe around or one that is used for transition mode. However, the shoe does give a nice feel and fit when i wore it around for that good 2-3 hours or so. Then again, different runners have different feet. Oh well. 🙂

Anyways, ou can get your Nike Free+ 2 at Nike Wisma, in Orchard Road. Price wise, it’ll be SGD 169. I would love to get my feet on these pair of babies but sadly, im awaiting to get the Nike5 Gato. Hehehe! Its a street soccer shoe which i feel can double up as my gym shoe and/or my town shoe. Hahahha! People budget lah, dont have so much moolahs to buy shoes here and there. 😛

Nike5 Gato – Street Soccer kickers!

Till next time, Guten Tag!

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Alann’s Nike Shopping Adventure!

Its been really really long since i got to sit down and blog my heart out talk about anything sporty under the sun. Its been a tiring 3 months for me, really. Juggling school assignments, working here and there and also not forgetting my trainings. Haiz…. its really been uber tiring!

Anyways, H’s friend, Alann was about to leave for NZ for his studies and he came to us for opinions on a running cum casual wear shoe. He had wanted to use it for both normal casual wear as well as for his training runs in NZ. Vibram was a NO-GO cause wearing it during a cold weather would prolly freeze his feet to death! xP Salomon was a tad too hardcore for him, so i suggested the Nike Lunar Eclipse (as my feet has been in the shoes before). Deciding on the colour and design over FB Chat was pretty tough and so we decided to meet up at Nike Wisma Atria in town.

Upon reaching the boutique, we wasted no time in heading to Level 1’s running shoes area. Alann narrowed down his choices to the Nike Elite+ 2 and the Nike Free. Gawd, i must say that both designs were really really nice! Spoilt for choice but we cant really buy both shoes so we kinda waited and waited for soooo long for him to try both shoes and walking around with it! Hahaha! TESTING TESTING LORH.

Should i get the Nike Elite+ 2…..?

Or the Nike Free….? =/

After much deliberation and stuff, with me fiddling about with the DSLR, H talking to Rebel Graphics Designer, Azman El Chachos, and like what seemed an eternity, Alann finally made his choice – The Nike Lunar Elite+ 2. I personally, preferred the Nike Free tho. 😛  But oh wells, Alann’s doing the shopping today. Me? Prolly next time. 🙂 Hahaha!

With the numerous designs and colour combis, oh well, i must say that the Nike designs are pretty awesome. Gagagagaga!

We spent like 1 hour probably in the boutique waiting for Alann to pick out his choice, i went upstairs to search for the compression top (but they dont have it there, no size, no colour). So sad right? Apparently, the Nike compression gears are being sold like hot cakes! Always no stock every time i’m there. Or is it maybe im just suay (unlucky)? I really like Nike’s approach to their design on their sports apparels. Making it a fusion of funkiness, yet wear-able (as in not the nonsense high-end designers kind. gawd have you seen such dominatrix-isque shoes?) and at the same time all the colours seem to fuse nicely.  ^_^.\/

I swear on his mind he went something like, “I got them shoes b**tches!”…. Ok, im just guessing. Teehee!

All packed. And ready for New Zealand. :’) So good, the shoe gets to go to NZ, while im still here in SG. Haiz…. -__-” We had a fun day going out for some shoppin’ lovin’. Headed to Starbucks and had dinner before H and i went off to catch a sneak peak of the then-latest movie, err….. i forgot what, but yeah. We caught a movie. Bromance. Oh whaddaheck. Happy reading, peoples! (i know its supposed to be PEOPLE, without the ‘S’) Sheesh.


On an additional note, Nike has launched their new SPRING/SUMMER COLLECTION 2011 like a month or 2 ago. Kinda late but i swear i dont have good photos for it. So for those of you who would like to check out the event launch (WHICH IS UBER UNIQUE!) at Naumi Hotel, check out Fay Hokulani’s blog @ ! She has got really awesome pics of the event and whatnots. Check out the upcoming designs too! ZOMG!!  Serious, i was using an iPhone 3GS to take photos. WHAT. THE. HELL.  Yes, i dont have my own camera to take photos with cause (1) Its expensive/costly to get a good cam & (2) To get a good cam its expensive/costly for a student. Nuff said.

Poor lil young me. Seriously, compare my photos to Fay’s. 😛

Or screw it lah, just head over to Nike Wisma Atria and check it out. Gawd, my photos are sooooo….. not bad jugak (also)!