REVIEW: The MILO Easy Cool

Cuppa Milo, anyone?

It is important to have sufficient rest and proper nutrition after your workout or runs. However, it is just as important to have a good meal 2-3 hours before your physical activity. However, consuming too much food would result in your body feeling too full and lethargic (or sleepy) to actually do anything strenuous.

Besides slapping myself with a few slices of bread spread with Nutella, at times I would just go for something quick and easy like a pre-workout drink (cause its quick and easy). In case most of you do not know, I am going au naturel – no supplements like protein powders or mass gainers for me this time round.

Thus, one of the best ways to perk myself up before going for any runs, races or training is to have a cup of iced cold Milo. Sounds cliché, but Milo has been one of those feel-good pre or post workout drink since young for me at least. Still remember the time during my secondary school cross-country days where the Milo truck would be stationed after the finishing line and i would not hesitate to grab a few cups of iced Milo! Weee~! Who’s with me here? 😛

The Milo brings out the kids in the yard, damn right, its better than yours...

Well anyways, Milo has came out with a new product range – the Milo Easy Cool. Pretty much like your ordinary Milo powder except that SOMEHOW this Milo Easy Cool powder mixes really well with cold water! *poof!* Gone were the days of having the need to mix Milo with hot water and then pouring it with cold water. 🙂 It came in handy during the Urbanathlon race day as i woke up late and had to rush out. So all i did was to mix 2 sachets in cold water and drank and zoomed out of the house. 

A quick and easy fix for your iced Milo cravings OR as mentioned above, a pre/post-workout drink. 1 sachet of the Milo Easy Cool serves one cup (200-300ml). But of course, if you really want it concentrated, go ahead and mix 2 sachets in 400ml. But of course with its own “shaker bottle” like those used by the guys in the gym, its very convenient to bring it around and just POUR, SHAKE and ENJOY your cold Milo. Well, you can always add ice as makes it even more yummy! 😀

The Milo Easy Cool pack - 15 sachets in it!

Overall, the Milo Easy Cool is easy to make as you do not have to trouble yourself mixing the Milo with the condensed milk (or sugar) and hot water. Pretty much a 3-in-1 ready to drink mix. Good stuff i must say. Especially for busy and active sports/fitness enthusiasts OR simply someone who wants the less hassle of making your Milo drink. Best part you can bring it to the gym….just like that.

Anyways, what would be great is that if they come out with a tin can version of it. So I can have a hassle-free iced cool Milo at home. Cheers!

  1. Convenient
  2. Easy to make
  3. Tasty
  4. The bottle is better than some protein “shaker bottles” that i have experienced with
  1. It comes in packet of 15 sachets only.
  2. Would be great if there is a tin can version of it
  3. For those who likes to control the sweetness of their Milo, you can only put more water, but that would make it a little diluted though

For more info, you can check out MILO SINGAPORE’s FaceBook Page


Of MMA and some Kung Fu (Panda) action!

Recently, i met up with a friend who shared a lot of his experience working out and sweating it out at an MMA gym. Ok, MMA, for those who do not understand such abbreviation, stands for MIXED MARTIAL ARTS. Its interesting how MMA teaches combining multi-sports like Brazilian Jujitsu, Muay Thai, TKD, Boxing and etc to actually bring down your “opponent”. To be honest, it has been very long since i actually wanted to check out an MMA gym and probably sign up for one too. Ever since Channel 5 showed THE CONTENDER and also the movie –  NEVER BACK DOWN many years back, i kinda got hooked on the Muay Thai and MMA. Its sooooo cool!

Im not trying to be a fighter or something liddat. But i feel that MMA is very very disciplined sport and it trains your physical and mental fitness as a whole. Strength, power, core, flexibility and endurance so needed in an MMA “fight”or sparring session. Its no joke. I had always believed in functionality training and exercises.

But i simply hate the fact that im ever so tied down with financial issues and commitments like school and work/job. *sigh* How i wish i could give that problem a good upper cut and take it  down with a whatever move thats cool out there! Hahaha!

I know a lot of gyms have complimentary passes to their classes to allow newbies or interested individuals try out first before signing up, but im pretty new to this industry, so im just asking, does anyone know whats a value-for-money MMA gym around Singapore? Theres so many gyms to choose from! Does anybody knows a gym which has gives reasonable price for a student and the trainers are great. 🙂 Kinda asking too much am i? Hahaha. But seriously, on a more serious note – MMA is KICK ASS. Like literally.


On a side note, speaking of MMA and martial arts, recently i caught the premier of movie KUNG FU PANDA 2 (3D) @ The Cathay . All thanks to!

Anyways, the movie is a continuation of a the earlier movie – KUNG FU PANDA and tells of the continuing adventures of Po (the Panda) and his team of Kung Fu experts that compromises of a Tigress, a Monkey, a Stork, a Snake and a Praying Mantis! If you havent caught the earlier movie, you gotta go watch it! Last time, the evil enemy was some brute muscled leopard. But this time, the bad guy, or should i say animal is, you wont believe it – a peacock. Surprise, surprise! Elegant and slim, the “bad guy”this time plans to conquer China by a “secret weapon” which im not gonna reveal to NOT spoil the show for you. 

Kung Fu Panda 2 is ladened with loads of slapstick humour and wordplay and cute cuddly pandas, pigs and other animals. I wont go so much into the synopsis of the storyline but all in all, the movie is simply awesome. With their uber cool fictional “kung fu moves” along with the backdrop of a scenic “olden”China-esque location, its certainly a great movie to catch. Kept me awake despite the fact that i had just ended camp that afternoon. Tired much but the movie certainly made my day!

All in all, the movie has a few morals and teachings behind it. Very heart-warming and also tells of having Never Give Up attitude. As mentioned, its a great show/movie for the kids and parents. And also your date too cause its hilarious much. 🙂

I give  this movie a 4 awesome high kicks! Haaaaaaaiiiiii-yaaaak! *fist pumps* OH YEAH!


OMY: Fair Game movie review

As usual, on  a low key no training or events month, i would pamper myself to a movie or two. And i must say that its been a privilege to be able to snap up the sneak peak premier of the movie Fair Game courtesy of With the movie supposedly starting at 1900H,  i had quite a hard time finding a parking place as well as Shaw Centre (which turns out to be right next to Shaw Lido -__-” ) the place where the movie screening was to be held. I had to run around here and there and i must say that i could have prolly covered 2.4km with all that running about. 😛

With a movie title like FAIR GAME, one might think its some sports related movie OR court-room drama ala Law & Order. However, as i sat in for the movie much longer, i couldnt help but to sit up right and fixed my attention to the screen. Cause I soon realised that Fair Game was more than just a movie. It was a movie about the truth of the Iraq War.

Firstly, Fair Game brings us back to the post-Iraq war period of 2002-2003. Based on a true story of a CIA operative, Valerie Plame (played by Naomi Watts, from King Kong) who was covering a series of investigations based on the reports/intelligence that Iraq was receiving nuclear-making arms. Despite her intensive investigations with the help of her husband, Joseph Wilson (Sean Penn) who was a businessman cum ambassador to an African nation, the findings weren’t accepted by “higher order”. I must say that a lot of political events influenced the flow of the findings and reports.

The drama starts when America declared war on Iraq based on their reports which were fabricated and not true. This made the husband wrote in to the press and presented his findings. Well, no candy for guessing what happens next aye? 😉 The White House, immediately retaliated and someone from inside leaked highly classified info that Valerie Plame is a CIA agent in the field.

Valerie lost her post as team leader in the field and her family started receiving death threats. Her overseas contacts, her life were compromised. To make matters worst, she was not allowed to get back to her Iraqi contacts whom she had promised, to get them out of Iraq. I must say that, it was a very sad part of the movie as lives were at stake yet, she couldnt do anything about it. 😥

Not wanting to spoil the rest of the movie, i must say that if you’re into politics and/or looking for a really gripping movie THIS IS the movie for you. Then again, even if you are NOT into politics and all, this movie still rocks. Forget about horror movies, korean movies or lovey-dovey ones as Fair Game brings about  a story of how the mix of INFLUENTIAL PEOPLE (who wants to save face) and the MEDIA could actually start a war (pun intended) with a few good men & women.

With exception to big fights like Manny Pacquiao VS Floyd Mayweather or Manchester United VS Liverpool, no fight could get any bigger than The White House VS a couple of truth-finders/whistle-blowers. Who wins? I’ll let you watch it yourself.

Thing is, are you game enough to find out the truth?

Overall Rating:  out of 5.


The Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon 2010: The Spectator Experience (Part 1)

So its been 5 days since the marquee running event in Singapore has passed. Yes, im talking about The Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon (SCSM) 2010 that was held last Sunday, 5th December 2010. Although i didnt managed to take part in the marathon like the other ~60,000 people did,  i had to be there for 2 reasons – To soak in the (sweat-smelling) atmosphere of the race of the year AND To also support my partner, Haffiz Legend who’ll be running his 7th marathon in all and his 4th SCSM thus far.

Anyways, the morning started out, well, very early for me. Having been in town the night before and watching a midnight movie to keep my buddy runner company, we found ourselves practically up and about, roaming the not-so-silent streets of Orchard Road at around 3 in the morning. Found a McDonalds at Heeren and settled down for MY measly breakfast (1 McChicken only) while Haffiz went on to SUIT UP! to his running tights and gear. Took him about half an hour to get ready and looking all Metal Gear Solid less the weapons and solid part. Haha! Mainly because he was wearing tights and tight fitting top with a hydration pack which made him look kinda Navy Seal like. Okay, thats not the point.

Back to the point, once all was settled, we made our way to Wheelock Place where the baggage deposit area was held at. It was jam packed i tell you! Kinda looked like some mass gathering for a gig/concert. People were queing up blindly following which ever line that looked like a queue. I was telling myself, if suddenly one of the lines is to Q up for the loo, they would prolly curse and swear when they’ve come to realisation.

WHICH brings me to my next point of the portable toilets set up at the baggage area. SERIOUSLY, what were the organizers thinking setting up 4 toilets to accommodate 20,000 people! Even if let’s say its for 1000 people, but YUCKS! *shudders at the thought of the amount of filth stored in each cubicle* =S

By then it was pretty “late” i must say. 0500H was the flag off time for the 42km competitive marathon however, Haffiz and i settled the baggage ard that time too. Woah! Good luck to those who were still queuing up i’d say.

Had better crowd control and more portable toilet been around, the sibeh long Q and time lost would and could have been averted. Also, i must add, that more signs could be placed to direct runners to the baggage deposit area as when we were at the TANGS-ORCHARD MRT underpass, i could still see many runners carrying their bags heading towards the start point. I mean, IF they’re planning to run with a tote bag the whole of 42km, then im sorry, MY BAD. But logically speaking, i doubt so. And that they prolly lost their way in finding the baggage area. NOT to mention, LUCKILY, we met a runner, who’s with PACESETTERS from Malaysia who didnt know where Anguilla Street is.

Well, that’s that then for Part 1 of my The Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon 2010: The Spectator Experience. Stay tuned for Part 2 coming right up. Thats where the action begins. 😉

1,336 steps to an awesome HIGH!

Its been a week plus since i took part in a public event. But i had been filling my time up with other activities to keep this heart young at heart (and hopefully, ageless too. :P). I dont really know about most people and their quest for sporting habits or hobbies, but for me, i really need to get my body into some sort of activity. I hate being stagnant. Gaaah!

Anyways, last last week’s Sunday had been a memorable one. It was the first time i participated in an event which requires me NOT to run horizontally on the ground BUT instead, VERTICALLY! Yeah, im talking about the THE SWISSOTEL VERTICAL MARATHON 2010! Hehehehe!

Many donkey years back, when the event was already up and running, i always felt intimidated by the thought of running UP 73 floors. I mean, seriously, for a person who lives on the 2nd floor, 73 floors is like 36 TIMES the height and steps needed to reach the end point. Gaaaah! “Its madness” i told myself. “There’s always lift what…if you wanna reach the top of a building.”

However, ever since i picked up running, i realised that the thrill of “scaling new heights” (pun intended) in running, turns me on. From normal road runs, to trail runs…whats next? How bout Vertical Runs then? THAT, would be challenging. Coincidentally, i was given the opportunity to take part in it. I GRABBED IT STRAIGHT! Thus, that was how i started my first inception (chey chey) into The Swissotel Vertical Marathon. And here is my  story…

21st November 2010 was indeed a tiring day for me. Knowing that i would have the run today, i still went ahead and took part in the NTUC’s U SPORTS – Nite On Wheels (cycling 55km “around” Singapore) the night before. Read more about it HERE!

I reached the hotel pretty early in the morning with only so little sleep, but i’m very amazed at the number of participants and supporters already present there. I guess they were already starting THEIR race. Nice cool weather, not too hot, it was a perfect start to the day! Collected my RacePack and i was soooo roaring to go, but had to wait for my “Category“‘s turn. Anyways, the race pack was pretty cool. Fiery red race tee and shoe bag which is amazingly huge inside! Packed with loads of goodies too! Hehehe!

While waiting for my turn, i rested somewhere outside of the “resting point” and i saw 2 things which made me go “WOW! This is SO going into my blog!”. Hahaha.

First: A Caucasian man preparing pancakes on the sidewalk for his Barclay’s Team who took part in the event. You gotta admit, it takes real courage AND awesome cooking skills to prepare pancakes with fruits and maple syrup on the sidewalks of Singapore. Jealous much! ;( Why no one make for meeeeee?!

Second: I met a man who had 2 prosthetic legs, but very eager to climb up and conquer the 1,336 steps. I plucked up my courage and decided to talk to him and find out more about him. Yes, he is none other than Dwayne Fernandes from Sydney, Australia! Managed to get a short mini-interview with him! YAY! To watch the vid, click HERE!

Anyways anyways, haha, when it was about my turn to race up the steps of glory :P, i was feeling kinda nervous. I kept telling myself that “If my female friend who didnt train for it and completed it in 20min + able to take photos along the way, i should be OK.”. I was sipping RedBull and eating some “energy sweet” to psyched me up. Hohoho.

When it was me and my partner’s turn to race up the stairs, somehow, all the nervousness and butterflies in the tummy disappeared. I feel like a poem coming up! Here we go! I hate boring blogs so im gonna blog about it – POEM STYLE. Yeah!

My Swissotel Vertical Marathon Experience Poem

So i ran. And ran.

Like a GingerBreadman;

The 1st few steps were easy.

The first 10 floors, then the next 10.

And HEY! I’m already on the 20.

Fatigue kicked in at the 30th floor,

I saw people puking at the door.

O-M-G, G-M-O;

43 more floors to go! Oh no!

I kept on walking,

Kept on stepping,

I had to finish this tiring tiring thing.

And before i knew it,

I almost made it.

I could hear the people cheering.Yay!

From the 30 to the 40,

The 50 then to the 60,

I could almost smell the 73.

As i reached the 73,

Got people many many.

And they were cheering for me.

I felt so happy

as i crossed the FINISH LINE

I jumped, and it was sublime.

The view was awesome, though it was hot and windy.

And i had made loads of friends.

The feeling euphoric, my mind ecstatic

And thats how my story went.



  • The Swissotel stands at 226m tall.
  • Participants would have to climb 1,336 steps of Singapore’s Swissotel to get to the top
  • 73 Floors. No joke.
  • Imbar timing and race champion: Thomas Dold who finished in a time of 6 minutes 51 seconds. I completed mine in 15min. 😛
  • My new found friend, Dwayne Fernandes finished his race in the Men’s Ultimate Championship category in a time of 18 minutes 21 seconds.

Till next year’s event, Guten Tag! 🙂

The Salomon X-Trail Run 2010

In the early morning of 14th November 2010, some 2640 people gathered together, lining up behind one another in a massive queue. Stretching a good 100m at least! With music blasting in the background, some were decked in singlets, others turned up with caps and water bottle in case they get dehydrated along the way. From a far, one might thought that the GREAT SINGAPORE SALE (GSS) or ZoukOut 2010 had come early. But nooooooo, this isn’t your SALE days or another one of those Hello Kitty craze but these many people turned up at MacRitchie for the 3rd Salomon X-Trail Run!

The weather was great – cold and chilly, not raining as forecasted by the “weatherman”. Considering the fact that it was a record turnout for the event, i expected congestion at the area. There were many people by 0700H but the ushers and volunteers were present to help organize and lead the people to the respective stations like Baggage Deposit Area (Separated Males & Females) and the start line.

Your most reliable news and weather forecast team

One thing that i liked was that there was a water point set up BEFORE the run that ALSO gave out bananas (awesome stuff) on top of their cup of H-Two-O and bottled mineral water. I know this might sound funny but when i saw the bananas, i thought we had to pay for it. I mean, personally, I’ve never seen bananas being given away FOC before a race. Nonetheless, i grabbed one and devoured it. Woke up late & didnt have time for breakfast lah. =(

Volunteers filling up cups of H-TWO-O for participants before the race. Didnt managed to take photos of the Big Bananas Giveaway. 

Anyways, after depositing my shoe bag but carrying along my 2nd bag with my secret shoe 😉 and got myself pins to pin my no. tag on, i was all prepped up to ready to run the 12km.

  • Cap? Checked. 
  • Hydrated? Checked.
  • Warm ups? Checked
  • My Nike Lunar Glide+2  shoes (for 1st part of the race)? Checked.

With everything A-OK, i headed to the START point which was situated 150m away, from the water point. And SOMEHOW, i managed to squeeze through the crowd to get ahead of like what? 100+ runners? Hehehe. 

The race was flagged off about 5min later and people started moving forward. Kinda jam packed at first but as we got out of the “GSS queue”, the route was pretty wide open. Ran across the dam and then alongside the reservoir before heading into the “trail” portion of the race.

Trail running as what that is shared by Mr Azhar Azib – “Trail running is a thinking sport. You can’t just space out because of the terrain.” (have to be alert at times). You can watch his short interview we had with him by clicking HERE.

What I particularly like about the trail portion of the run is that it keeps you alert at all times and with “cleaner & purer” air, running trail is soothing to the soul. You are one with Mother Nature. BUT one slight problem that arose from this route during the race was that it was beginning to get cramped when the front runners had already make a U-turn and was coming back onto THE SAME ROUTE as me. A lot of “EXCUSE MEs” and “KEEP TO THE LEFT!” were echoed up and down by runners and organizers alike. I was OK but not too sure about the other runners though. :/

Congested much?

Moving on, somewhere along the 10km mark, i stopped at the medic hut to change my NIKE LUNAR GLIDE+ 2 into my VIBRAM KSO TREKSPORT! Not that the Lunar G wasnt good, but this was the best time to put my VIBRAM KSO TREKSPORT to the test! The Lunar Glide+ 2 provided a good firm support and cushioning while i was running the 1st part of the trail. Anyways, you can read all about my “barefoot” experience HERE.

About a kilometer into the trail, i reached the pavement portion. Running on the pavement with the hot sun belting down on you wasn’t fun. I hate getting burned by the sun. Army NS time enough already lah. Although it wasnt nice, it kinda acts as an added factor for me to run faster and reach the shady area (which i couldnt see). Hahahaha. Managed to meet and make few NEW friends along the route. Leaping my way along the pavement, i finally reached the shady part (back in MacRitchie) and i saw the sign i have been longing for – 300m to go. Woohoo!

Like an Energizer Rabbit, i turned on my nitrous mode, switched to the highest gear and Lamborghini-ed my way up and down the path. Upon reaching the “finishing” line i was thinking “Im going to jump and punch my fist in the air as i cross the line. Yeah.”. So when i finally reached it, i did just that. ONLY to realise that the finishing line was 100m down some more. @#%$@#$%???!! PAISEH SIOL!

Apparently, i didnt see that it stated START and no FINISH on the board above. Cheat my feelings only. =P

But i kept my cool face (hoping that no one would take photo of that “moment”) and sprinted down the slope. Man, i was like a gazelle borned by a cheetah. Sprinting my way down, i finally reached THE REAL FINISHING LINE. And yes, i did the same move as i had done a few seconds back. The Feeling was awesome.


It took me a while to gather my thoughts and feeling that i have ACTUALLY COMPLETED the run in 1h 30min. Not that its a very good timing but between me and you (and prolly the rest of the internet world), i didnt train for this run. Reason? Work lah, what else. This is SINGAPORE maaaan! So i joined my friends and we stayed by the side of the path nearing the FINISHING LINE to cheer for the remaining runners.

So anyways, the post run entertainment was just the Top 10 Prizes giveaway, LUCKY DRAW!! (so angry later i tell you why) and the music boomboxing away. Apparently, for the LUCKY DRAW, we had to submit/apply for them and not like AUTO apply because we registered for the run kind. Wasted, if not i could have won hat Davidoff (i think) perfume for men. SHUCKS! Confident much aye? Hehehehe!

All in all, this is my first time taking part in the SALOMON X-TRAIL RUN 2010. And i must say, running at MacRitchie brings back memories of my secondary school days running our “cross country” (but actually more like “Inside MacRitchie Only Run”). WHICH, i got medals for it. 😉 Not telling you what place i got eyy. Shy lah. Shy. 


  1. Its a Trail run. Hurhurhur.
  2. Nice weather. Thank you God.
  3. Free bananas. Thank you Dole Bananas.
  4. Good music. (But the DJ like slack only)
  5. Great atmosphere. (the vibe was there)
  6. Met LOADS of awesome runners from all walks/runs of life. =P
  7. And lastly, knowing that i could still complete a 12km run after all these while is simply, whats that word again? LEGEND….wait for it…DARY! LEGENDARY!


  1. The first portion of the trail route was congested. 
  2. 1st water point along the route was pretty far away (to me at least)
  3. Hot weather towards the end. (ok, im just kidding)
  4. Water served weren’t cold (yes, im THAT bitchy)
  5. Congestion at water points (Hello? Q-ing up for ZoukOut tix or what?)
  6. They should have indicated a “THIS IS NOT THE FINISHING LINE” on the first board towards the end. =P
  7. And lastly, i was beaten by a 17-year old GIRL, Ruby Hohensee, who went on to win the WOMEN’s 12km category. LIKE !@#$%&?!!

Nonetheless, I’m just so happy to have been able to take part in this run and complete it with my friends. Felt good. For those of you who did not manage to take part OR felt lazy to run all i can say is – WASTED. What a great way to kick off my Sunday morning with some adrenaline pumping and a good work out.Hope the next X-Trail run will be much much more fun and looking forward to seeing MORE runners. New (like me) or SEASONed ones, doesnt matter.

And of course, making sure that Ruby wont beat me again.

Till next time, Guten Tag! And ouh, some photos were taken and shared by WORLD OF SPORTS. I really hope they dont mind. Hehehe!

(Now from running a horizontal plane, i’ve got to tweak and switch my system to running vertical. Yes, Swissotel Vertical Marathon tomorrow. But tonight, i got the NTUC uSport 60km cycling event. Hohoho! Coming right UP!)