Running as an exercise.

I just have to post this up again. 😛

Running, i believe has been mankind’s earliest form of exercise since the god-forsaken days of the cavemen. Imagine being chased by a saber-tooth tiger or chasing after a woolly mammoth, you certainly need to have good strong legs to carry and propel yourself to safety or for survival. Well, in a case of the former, being faster than your friend would be sufficient. 😛 Fast track to the 21st century, people run. They still do. We run to keep ourselves physically fit, to lose weight, to challenge ourselves, to take part in those races/runs and get that finisher’s medal and many more reasons. Some people get that surge of euphoria or endorphins in them when they run. Running releases that “happy drug” in them and they would just zone out during their runs. For me personally, i only get it after i cross that 10-15min mark. And especially great if my stride and breathing are in sync. A scenic running route helps too! 😀

With so many races and runs coming up (check out : Why We Run 2011 Running Calender), its best advised that we train up for them. With the sudden surge of running enthusiast/newbies (like me) in Singapore, its important for them to know the advantages and disadvantages of running indoors and outdoors for your runs.

🙂 Advantages of running outdoors: 1 word – its cheap. Heck, it could even be free if you just run somewhere around your neighbourhood. But do remember to invest in a pair of good running shoes to minimize the risk of injuries. Also, running burns more calories than walking (duhh?) if you hadn’t known about it. Great for people who wants to keep in shape or for those who want to achieve that single-digit percentage body fat.Yes, im trying to achieve that. 😛 While reading up on articles about running, here’s an interesting finding, from Cambridge University that claims running helps improve your memory and help your brain grow too. No wonder i’ve been a little forgetful nowadays. Wow! Rest assured, i doubt that your head will suddenly become as huge as Megamind’s just because you run a lot.

Run and be like me. Seriously.

😦 Disadvantages of running outdoors:

1 word too – the weather. ok, so that’s 2. But oh heck it. Running outdoor is totally dependent on the weather. Although it would be nice to run in the rain and all, but you might catch a cold, fall sick and there goes your week of “healthy exercise living”. Last thing you want to happen while running is to be strike by lightning or some sort. If you’re running outdoor and it happens to rain suddenly, please TAKE COVER! Live today to run another day.

Also, running under the scorching heat isnt a pretty good idea unless you intend to take up some hardcore Adventure Race across the Gobi Desert, then yeah, that’ll be good. But if you’re new and an avid/casual runner, running in the early morning and late afternoon/night would be good. Just dont forget to slap on some SPF 45 Sunblock when running in the morning ya… 😉

Because running itself exerts force on your knees and joints, it is important for one to take note of his own individual capability and pace and not subject the poor knee to any more unnecessary pressure. And oh, sports bra are called SPORTS bra for a reason. They support a woman’s asset from bouncing too much which could result in sagging. And yeah, prolly give them a “better and comfortable hold” too while running.

Do remember to watch out for traffic too!

🙂 Advantages of running on a treadmill:

Rain or shine, you can run in the comfort of your home/gym. Customization of the run can also be controlled by the the runner and generally, the treadmill has consistent and better traction as compared to outdoors. The drain covers, curbs, puddle of water etc, are pretty much a hazard if you are not alert enough.

Treadmills nowadays allow you to adjust the level of difficult too. Speed, Inclination and whatnots are pretty useful to train for your upcoming runs. And if your gym or home has a treadmill that is located directly in front of the TV and HEY PRESTO! You can catch your favourite episode of How I Met Your Mother without having to stream them off the internet for re-runs. Side track a bit, HIMYM Season 2 Episode 15 is awesome. Its about the Boston Marathon and how Barney Stinson trains for it (click HERE for link).

What up.

😦 Disadvantages of running on a treadmill:

Let’s be honest here. Scrolling through your friend’s holiday trip in Phuket and checking out the sights (and sounds) from the FB album is NEVER the same as heading down to Phuket and experiencing the culture there. Ok, bad analogy here you might say. But i know you get what im trying to put across. At the end of the day, as much combination and customization of setting on the treadmill that you have made, its never the same as running outdoors. Where the scenes and environment changes around you as you run. If you’re bored, you could always try a different route and best part, you can run with a whole group of friends without having to worry about whether there are sufficient treadmills.

Next up is the cost of a treadmill. Simply put, with that amount spent on a treadmill, i’d rather use that money and go for a run overseas or take part in races and go for fitness courses or even get myself new sporting gears! And unless you have a whole extra room to cater to your workout needs, then i get it. Treadmills aren’t small in size or comes in a round shape where you run like a hamster.

Well, unless of course…


All in all, whats important here is that you should as much, try and go for a run once a week. If not, a jog would be great too. Take care of our body (fitness) and health, and it’ll take care of you. Like i mentioned in one of my earlier posts:

“Never neglect fitness, never neglect health i would say. Those are prolly 2 of the most important things in our lives that many people tend to take a (lots of) break from and it just wont work out good for you in the long run. Nothing personal but its just that nothing gives me more satisfaction than knowing that im in the pink of health…and that im at my peak performance. Ready anytime, anywhere. ;)”


Then again – different people, different ideals. 

What’s yours?


Gear Review: Thorlos Experia Sport Socks

The Thorlos Experia Sport Socks

Thorlos® has recently introduced its new Experia multi-sport line, colorful and above all super comfortable socks. Whether you are going for a run, trail running, long walks, hiking, cycling or even playing a game tennis one would agree that aside from a good pair of shoe, a great pair of socks matters as well. A great pair of sock will help one stay dry and comfortable throughout the day, it compliments a happy and healthier feet.

The Thorlos Experia socks is anatomically engineered to fit snugly like a glove with no bunching or bulk thus reducing the weight of the Thorlos. The new design had taken out all of the excess padding leaving only on section of the feet where you need the protect which is on your heels and balls of your feet against to help absorb and minimize impact.

The Thorlos Experia consist material of
20% nylon
66% CoolMax®
13% Polyester
1% Elastic


  • Mesh design reduces weight and maximum breathe ability.
  • Lightweight Achilles tendon pad helps to protects against rubbing and chafing, while functioning as a heel lock for additional durability.
  • Sock frame covered with Lycra® to provide contoured aerodynamic snug glove-like fit and a strong lightweight frame to support protective padding on heels and forefoot.
  • Specially sculpted Thörlos pads in the ball and heel provide protection from shear and impact.
  • CoolMax® Enhanced Performance in the ball and heel pads helps in providing maximum moisture management. It drawing perspiration away from your feet, keeping your feet drier and healthier.

As someone who run long distance on a regular basis I will not start running without my Experia socks on, It is one of the most comfortable socks I ever worn. It helps prevent chafing and blister on many part of my feet. I personally like the cushioning support it provides on the on the back of the heel as are places that tends to get chaffed from rubbing against the back of the shoe. The padding on the forefoot also help reduce heat and friction thus preventing blister.

My only regrets on this socks is the price, compared to other sports socks in the market the Experia is easily one of the most expensive socks I have but it does serve its purpose. I had ran 2 full marathon in them and even after the marathon the my feet still feel dry in them. Overall the Thorlos Experia is something everyone should invest on if they are looking to add some extra comfort and support to their run.

Go ahead try the Experia and experience them for yourself.  

The Thorlos Experia is available in Singapore at all World of Sport store.

1,336 steps to an awesome HIGH!

Its been a week plus since i took part in a public event. But i had been filling my time up with other activities to keep this heart young at heart (and hopefully, ageless too. :P). I dont really know about most people and their quest for sporting habits or hobbies, but for me, i really need to get my body into some sort of activity. I hate being stagnant. Gaaah!

Anyways, last last week’s Sunday had been a memorable one. It was the first time i participated in an event which requires me NOT to run horizontally on the ground BUT instead, VERTICALLY! Yeah, im talking about the THE SWISSOTEL VERTICAL MARATHON 2010! Hehehehe!

Many donkey years back, when the event was already up and running, i always felt intimidated by the thought of running UP 73 floors. I mean, seriously, for a person who lives on the 2nd floor, 73 floors is like 36 TIMES the height and steps needed to reach the end point. Gaaaah! “Its madness” i told myself. “There’s always lift what…if you wanna reach the top of a building.”

However, ever since i picked up running, i realised that the thrill of “scaling new heights” (pun intended) in running, turns me on. From normal road runs, to trail runs…whats next? How bout Vertical Runs then? THAT, would be challenging. Coincidentally, i was given the opportunity to take part in it. I GRABBED IT STRAIGHT! Thus, that was how i started my first inception (chey chey) into The Swissotel Vertical Marathon. And here is my  story…

21st November 2010 was indeed a tiring day for me. Knowing that i would have the run today, i still went ahead and took part in the NTUC’s U SPORTS – Nite On Wheels (cycling 55km “around” Singapore) the night before. Read more about it HERE!

I reached the hotel pretty early in the morning with only so little sleep, but i’m very amazed at the number of participants and supporters already present there. I guess they were already starting THEIR race. Nice cool weather, not too hot, it was a perfect start to the day! Collected my RacePack and i was soooo roaring to go, but had to wait for my “Category“‘s turn. Anyways, the race pack was pretty cool. Fiery red race tee and shoe bag which is amazingly huge inside! Packed with loads of goodies too! Hehehe!

While waiting for my turn, i rested somewhere outside of the “resting point” and i saw 2 things which made me go “WOW! This is SO going into my blog!”. Hahaha.

First: A Caucasian man preparing pancakes on the sidewalk for his Barclay’s Team who took part in the event. You gotta admit, it takes real courage AND awesome cooking skills to prepare pancakes with fruits and maple syrup on the sidewalks of Singapore. Jealous much! ;( Why no one make for meeeeee?!

Second: I met a man who had 2 prosthetic legs, but very eager to climb up and conquer the 1,336 steps. I plucked up my courage and decided to talk to him and find out more about him. Yes, he is none other than Dwayne Fernandes from Sydney, Australia! Managed to get a short mini-interview with him! YAY! To watch the vid, click HERE!

Anyways anyways, haha, when it was about my turn to race up the steps of glory :P, i was feeling kinda nervous. I kept telling myself that “If my female friend who didnt train for it and completed it in 20min + able to take photos along the way, i should be OK.”. I was sipping RedBull and eating some “energy sweet” to psyched me up. Hohoho.

When it was me and my partner’s turn to race up the stairs, somehow, all the nervousness and butterflies in the tummy disappeared. I feel like a poem coming up! Here we go! I hate boring blogs so im gonna blog about it – POEM STYLE. Yeah!

My Swissotel Vertical Marathon Experience Poem

So i ran. And ran.

Like a GingerBreadman;

The 1st few steps were easy.

The first 10 floors, then the next 10.

And HEY! I’m already on the 20.

Fatigue kicked in at the 30th floor,

I saw people puking at the door.

O-M-G, G-M-O;

43 more floors to go! Oh no!

I kept on walking,

Kept on stepping,

I had to finish this tiring tiring thing.

And before i knew it,

I almost made it.

I could hear the people cheering.Yay!

From the 30 to the 40,

The 50 then to the 60,

I could almost smell the 73.

As i reached the 73,

Got people many many.

And they were cheering for me.

I felt so happy

as i crossed the FINISH LINE

I jumped, and it was sublime.

The view was awesome, though it was hot and windy.

And i had made loads of friends.

The feeling euphoric, my mind ecstatic

And thats how my story went.



  • The Swissotel stands at 226m tall.
  • Participants would have to climb 1,336 steps of Singapore’s Swissotel to get to the top
  • 73 Floors. No joke.
  • Imbar timing and race champion: Thomas Dold who finished in a time of 6 minutes 51 seconds. I completed mine in 15min. 😛
  • My new found friend, Dwayne Fernandes finished his race in the Men’s Ultimate Championship category in a time of 18 minutes 21 seconds.

Till next year’s event, Guten Tag! 🙂

Gear Review: Sony Walkman NWZ-W252 (Water Resistant)

Water resistant and washable, perfect for sports and active lifestyle use

Like most runners, I love listening to music when I’m out running, whether it’s a training run or a competitive run, I rely on my Mp3 Player for music which will guide me to the finishing line. Despite many have said that running with earphone in your ears is dangerous as you would not be able to hear the surrounding, I find that Music plays a vital role in my running journey.

Music is known to stimulate and motivate one during physical activity. It has tremendous emotional and motivation power that can help one keep on going and inspire one to break their limit. It relaxes the mind as it distract it from feeling tired and playing the right tune, PowerSong can actually influence the tempo of the run.

Tour D’Trail

Every runner would agree that the only irritating thing about running with music is the earpiece cable that tends to get in the way and most Mp3 cannot be use in contact to rain and sweat as it will damage the component . Some Mp3 players in the market are just to bulky to be carry along during your  running session.

I seem to have found the perfect solution for every runner to enjoy pure music while sweating it out! Sony Walkman has recently released the newly updated version of the W250. The NWZ-W252 players is perfect for users who lead an active and sporty lifestyles. It is lightweight, durable, water resistant, and most importantly, wire-free! These resolves all the hassles that a runner may experience when listening to music while running. Now, you can truly enjoy pure music, be it rain or shine.

Weighing a only 43g, it is one of the lightest mp3 player ever. Similar to its predecessor, it features a unique wire-free, Hands-free, ergonomic design for comfortable fit and convenient music playback while exercising or when engaging in physical activities. The W252  has a unique music navigation interface for quick music browsing, with a flick of the button user can change tracks with ease.

The New NWZ-W252 features the new ZAPPINTM technology that when activated it will search the play preview of the main chorus of each song in the music library. Thus, allowing users to easily scan through their music library, whether on multiple playlists and folders, to find the song they want to hear.

It provides up to 11 hours of music playback timeon full charge (you can run 2 marathons straight with it!) . For Users who are always on-the-go. The NWZ-W252 is equipped with the Quick Charge function which allows to 90 minutes of music with a short 3 minutes charging time.

Charger Dock (included)

NWZ-W252 has the capacity of 2GB which can hold up to 68 hours of music, or approximately 1,000 songs at 3 minutes a song.

Personally, ever since I gotten the Sony NWZ-W252, I had not left home without it. It is small, compact, comfortable and convenient to bring around regardless the activity. It provide music on the go, no matter where I am.  As it is water resistant and sweat resistance I would normally put them on when running and at times I would even wear it for gym workout and  occasionally when I’m doing my bouldering or rock climbing sessions. It is very secure once it is put on and it is light, sometime I don’t even realise that I had them on me.

At New Balance Real Run

Go ahead, if you are looking for that lightweight Mp3 device that can accompany you during your runs without the hassle of messy cables then, look no further than the Sony Walkman NWZ-W252.

Fun Facts:

  • Plays Mp3 and Wma file format
  • Music transfers are simple and fuss-free – includes Content Transfer software that allows easily transfer of music files directly from Windows Explorer or iTunes® to the Walkman® with its simple drag-and-drop interface.
  • Comes in 4 vibrant colors of pink, white, lime green and black

The 4 colors are sold at S$129.
  • Sony had release a limited edition Metal Gear Solid, W252 Walkman design with a unique camouflage finish. It is equip with 6 tunes pre-loaded from the Peace Walker soundtrack that will constantly remind you of the game

Metal Gear Solid Limited Edition

The metal gear solid limited edition is available in Singapore at all Sony Style for S$139.

Cheers! (:

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