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2012 Gold Coast Airport Marathon: The Interview With Endrew!

Thw 2012 Gold Coast Airport Marathon might have ended recently. And like most of you, i did not manage to fly myself to down under to catch the action or run it. I’ve heard loads of record breaking and fun stories happening there – the cool weather, the pre and post race day, the run itself and not forgetting many Personal Bests were “created” there too! Even for a newbie runner like me, its sooooo tempting to head down to GCAM and give it a go!

However, sometimes the greatest stories and lessons learnt come not from finishing the race. But its when you hit a brick wall, you pick yourself up and move on. I managed to catch up with a runner friend of ours, Endrew, who had the opportunity to travel to Gold Coast for the run. And here’s the exclusive interview. Enjoy!

1.        Tell us a bit about yourself (eg. Hobbies, Occupation etc)
Hi I’m Endrew and I’m a Retail Sales Executive. My hobbies are Running and Sleeping. 😛

2.        When did you pick up running/keeping fit and why?
I started my running just about a year ago. My first was race was the 12km Energizer Night Trail 2011 with two of my friends. I signed up just for fun! From that day onwards, I started to go for more and more runs and races. Plus point about these races – you will also get to know more friends! 🙂

3.        What’s your training/running regime like?
I have been running 3 times a week (at least 10km each time) for my first year. As for now, I don’t really run or train that much. I use the running events as a training session so as to not make the race so stressful. Running to me, is not just about how fast you can run or securing your personal best. To me, what is important is to enjoy and have fun with all the runners. Race-Train-Fun.

4.        Thats a nice tagline! Hahaha! Anyways, how was your experience in this year’s GC Marathon? Did you participate in the previous year’s?
This was my first time in Gold Coast (GC). Mixed feeling for me, as I got DNF at the 22km mark. I felt dizzy and had low blood pressure thus I was sent to the hospital. One week before GC I did my Standard Chartered KL marathon at a time of 5 hours 50min eventhough I suffered an early cramp at the 23km mark. Obviously I was disappointed and gave myself a lot of hope in GC for a better timing. But I failed to do so. Many thanks to Mohan though, for the encouraging words he gave to me.

Overall GC marathon was SUPERB! Love the weather, the people & their support and the view! But do remember to drink more water days before the race day itself! I guess this was my mistake for not drinking enough water and it caused my dehydration, dizziness and low blood pressure on the day itself. 😦

 5.        How different was it compared to previous GC Marathon OR Marathons in Singapore? 
It is very different I must say. I’m sorry to say that local races are getting more and more expensive. And personally, I feel that the standard is not there at all. The supporters, the  people along the road side, cheering you on. Its something which you can’t find in Singapore. Although the route and the view is very normal for Singaporean to say “Siao eh so hot run what marathon!” but in GC you can actually feel its different because of those supporters!

6.        The atmosphere is certainly very different aye! Quick question: Would you run the GC Marathon next year? 
I’ll be back for SURE!

 7.        If theres one thing that you could improve on about the GC Marathon, what would it be?
I will say its the BANANAS! Maybe I was too hungry that morning that is why I was looking for something which I can eat while running. Hahaha! But I heard there were oranges given out nearing to the end of the race which I had no chance to try them (because of the DNF). 😦

 8.        Many people are picking up running as a sport be it competitive or leisure, what do u think is the reason for this sudden surge of runners?
I guess running is an “IN” thing now. Too many reasons – some run for health, to lose weight, or even for charitable causes. It is good because this “IN thing” enables you to meet lots of friends and also get to know many new ones in this small world!

 9.        How do you think Singapore can better manage its sporting/running scene?
Singapore is trying very hard to build its sporting community, which is great idea. But there are too many companies out there trying to use this as a platform to earn from events, charging exorbitant prices for registrations…which is actually a  bad thing. For example, running a FULL marathon in Singapore can cost about $80! This is a little too much given the standard I have been experiencing in Singapore. At this price I can fly to Malaysia for a Full marathon too and with a better experience over there.

Running is a cheap sport but in Singapore, its different now.

 10.      Lastly, any inspiring words for runners out there who just started picking up the sport or thinking of picking up the sport?
Drink more water before your runs and do rest well before the race too. Running is meant to be fun so don’t feel stress if you can’t run. Run and get know more friends. Slowly you will get better and better. 😉

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 Words of wisdom there from the Gold Coast! Till next time, Guten Tag!

P.S, if you wanna read what our running friend Su Ann had to say about the 2011 Gold Coast Airport Marathon, do check out: 2011 Gold Coast Airport Marathon: The interview with Su Ann!

Running as an exercise.

I just have to post this up again. 😛

Running, i believe has been mankind’s earliest form of exercise since the god-forsaken days of the cavemen. Imagine being chased by a saber-tooth tiger or chasing after a woolly mammoth, you certainly need to have good strong legs to carry and propel yourself to safety or for survival. Well, in a case of the former, being faster than your friend would be sufficient. 😛 Fast track to the 21st century, people run. They still do. We run to keep ourselves physically fit, to lose weight, to challenge ourselves, to take part in those races/runs and get that finisher’s medal and many more reasons. Some people get that surge of euphoria or endorphins in them when they run. Running releases that “happy drug” in them and they would just zone out during their runs. For me personally, i only get it after i cross that 10-15min mark. And especially great if my stride and breathing are in sync. A scenic running route helps too! 😀

With so many races and runs coming up (check out : Why We Run 2011 Running Calender), its best advised that we train up for them. With the sudden surge of running enthusiast/newbies (like me) in Singapore, its important for them to know the advantages and disadvantages of running indoors and outdoors for your runs.

🙂 Advantages of running outdoors: 1 word – its cheap. Heck, it could even be free if you just run somewhere around your neighbourhood. But do remember to invest in a pair of good running shoes to minimize the risk of injuries. Also, running burns more calories than walking (duhh?) if you hadn’t known about it. Great for people who wants to keep in shape or for those who want to achieve that single-digit percentage body fat.Yes, im trying to achieve that. 😛 While reading up on articles about running, here’s an interesting finding, from Cambridge University that claims running helps improve your memory and help your brain grow too. No wonder i’ve been a little forgetful nowadays. Wow! Rest assured, i doubt that your head will suddenly become as huge as Megamind’s just because you run a lot.

Run and be like me. Seriously.

😦 Disadvantages of running outdoors:

1 word too – the weather. ok, so that’s 2. But oh heck it. Running outdoor is totally dependent on the weather. Although it would be nice to run in the rain and all, but you might catch a cold, fall sick and there goes your week of “healthy exercise living”. Last thing you want to happen while running is to be strike by lightning or some sort. If you’re running outdoor and it happens to rain suddenly, please TAKE COVER! Live today to run another day.

Also, running under the scorching heat isnt a pretty good idea unless you intend to take up some hardcore Adventure Race across the Gobi Desert, then yeah, that’ll be good. But if you’re new and an avid/casual runner, running in the early morning and late afternoon/night would be good. Just dont forget to slap on some SPF 45 Sunblock when running in the morning ya… 😉

Because running itself exerts force on your knees and joints, it is important for one to take note of his own individual capability and pace and not subject the poor knee to any more unnecessary pressure. And oh, sports bra are called SPORTS bra for a reason. They support a woman’s asset from bouncing too much which could result in sagging. And yeah, prolly give them a “better and comfortable hold” too while running.

Do remember to watch out for traffic too!

🙂 Advantages of running on a treadmill:

Rain or shine, you can run in the comfort of your home/gym. Customization of the run can also be controlled by the the runner and generally, the treadmill has consistent and better traction as compared to outdoors. The drain covers, curbs, puddle of water etc, are pretty much a hazard if you are not alert enough.

Treadmills nowadays allow you to adjust the level of difficult too. Speed, Inclination and whatnots are pretty useful to train for your upcoming runs. And if your gym or home has a treadmill that is located directly in front of the TV and HEY PRESTO! You can catch your favourite episode of How I Met Your Mother without having to stream them off the internet for re-runs. Side track a bit, HIMYM Season 2 Episode 15 is awesome. Its about the Boston Marathon and how Barney Stinson trains for it (click HERE for link).

What up.

😦 Disadvantages of running on a treadmill:

Let’s be honest here. Scrolling through your friend’s holiday trip in Phuket and checking out the sights (and sounds) from the FB album is NEVER the same as heading down to Phuket and experiencing the culture there. Ok, bad analogy here you might say. But i know you get what im trying to put across. At the end of the day, as much combination and customization of setting on the treadmill that you have made, its never the same as running outdoors. Where the scenes and environment changes around you as you run. If you’re bored, you could always try a different route and best part, you can run with a whole group of friends without having to worry about whether there are sufficient treadmills.

Next up is the cost of a treadmill. Simply put, with that amount spent on a treadmill, i’d rather use that money and go for a run overseas or take part in races and go for fitness courses or even get myself new sporting gears! And unless you have a whole extra room to cater to your workout needs, then i get it. Treadmills aren’t small in size or comes in a round shape where you run like a hamster.

Well, unless of course…


All in all, whats important here is that you should as much, try and go for a run once a week. If not, a jog would be great too. Take care of our body (fitness) and health, and it’ll take care of you. Like i mentioned in one of my earlier posts:

“Never neglect fitness, never neglect health i would say. Those are prolly 2 of the most important things in our lives that many people tend to take a (lots of) break from and it just wont work out good for you in the long run. Nothing personal but its just that nothing gives me more satisfaction than knowing that im in the pink of health…and that im at my peak performance. Ready anytime, anywhere. ;)”


Then again – different people, different ideals. 

What’s yours?

2011 Gold Coast Airport Marathon: The interview with Su Ann!

This year’s Gold Coast Airport Marathon might have ended last month. And like most of you, i did not manage to fly myself to down under to catch the action or run it. I’ve heard loads of record breaking and fun stories happening there – the cool weather, the pre and post race day, the run itself and not forgetting many Personal Bests were “created” there too! Even for a newbie runner like me, its sooooo tempting to head down to GCAM and give it a go! Thankfully, i managed to catch up with a runner friend of ours, Su Ann, who had the opportunity to travel to Gold Coast for the run. And here’s the exclusive interview. Enjoy! And dont get jealous! ;P

Su Ann completed her 21km Half-Marathon in 2hours and 4min! Congratulations girl!

1.        Tell us a bit about yourself (eg. Hobbies, Occupation etc)
Hi I’m Su Ann an I’m a Business Development Manager for B2B.My hobbies are playing sports and reading!

2.        When did you pick up running/keeping fit and why?
I started out during my primary school days back in KL – did dashes, relays, long jumps, etc… first 10km in 2008 I believe. It was more for maintenance purposes – keeping the weight off, looking trim & athletic…

3.        What’s your training/running regime like?
During a 3 mth sabbatical some years back, it was kickboxing/ body combat classes 5-6x/wk and running possibly every day. When I started working again, it reduced to running at least  1-2x/wk and sometimes using the gym during lunch. Nowadays, it has evolved to more of 1x/wk with my colleagues minimally 8km and other days on my own. I sometimes also run home from office.

4.        Talk about running away from work! Hahaha! Anyways, how was your experience in this year’s GC Marathon? Did you participate in the previous year’s?
Fantastic! The weather was great, very favourable. We arrived on Friday, tried to get used to the cold but of course it took more time than that. My 21km run started at 6am, in which I believe the temperature was about 15-16 C. Love the flat route, the cheers from the crowd – people even brought chairs out n sat by the roadside with their coffee/ breakfast. And no, I did not participate in previous year’s. This was my first GC.

 5.        How different was it compared to previous GC Marathon OR Marathons in Singapore? 
Its GCM’s 33rd year, so obviously they have got the formula water-tight. It was a breeze in terms of the registrations (though we did it through a travel agent/ running club) but everything was smooth, down to the water stations, finisher-T distribution, medals giveaways etc. One thing that was very different was that they gave out orange wedges instead of bananas at the end of the race! I found that surprising.

6.        Oh wow, that’s unique! Quick question: Would you do run GC Marathon next year? 
I would LOVE to. 🙂

 7.        If theres one thing that you could improve on about the GC Marathon, what would it be?
Hmmm I’d have to say something about the orange wedges. Maybe im not used to it, but I wouldn’t want something so citrusy, sour and acidic in me after a run, and definitely not something that will squirt all over me too.

 8.        Many people are picking up running as a sport be it competitive or leisure, what do u think is the reason for this sudden surge of runners?
It’s definitely good paradigm shift in things. I love the fact that I’m able to influence friends to start running, pick up a sport, spur people on, and encourage others. On the whole, the running community is surely getting bigger and bigger by the week, but there are far too many organised runs in Singapore.

 9.        How do you think Singapore can better manage its sporting/running scene?
Similar to the point above, I feel that there are far too many organised runs in Singapore, that one feels that more and more are just creating runs, for the heck of it, or to just jump on the bandwagon. Yes it’s a great way to promote the running sport, but it has become too commercialised and very ‘money-centric’.

 10.    Lastly, any inspiring words for runners out there who just started picking up the sport or thinking of picking up the sport?

Listen to your body, especially your knees and heels as these receive the greatest impact when you run. The most important person to beat is yourself and improving your own speed & timing – not anyone else’s.
Words of wisdom there from the Gold Coast Airport! Till next time, Guten Tag!
P.S, If you need to check out the GCM’s race timings and such, do check outhttp://runningcebumarathon.blogspot.com/2011/07/gold-coast-airport-gold-coast-airport.html 

“If you RUN…


YOU are a Runner.

It Doesn’t Matter How FAST

or How FAR.

It Doesn’t Matter if Today is Your First Day,

or if You’ve Been Running for Twenty Years.

There is No Test to Pass,

No License to Earn,

No Membership Card to Get.

You Just RUN.”

-John Bingham

Just Do It.

(P.S, im not advertising for Nike. Its just that i found this running pic really nice and decided to us it.)

Learn more about the different Running styles

Knowing your Running Style is important as it will help you decide the type of running shoe you would need. There are 3 types of running style, which is categorize by the landing of the foot in each stride.

Heel Strikers

The back portion of your heel comes in contact with the ground first and then the foot rolls onto the sole and pushes off from the ball of the foot for the next stride. Heel striking will result in more shock impose to your knees and ankles as your leg will be fairly stiff on impact. Heel strikers tend not to make use of the natural shock absorbent properties of their arch and foot, which are the first areas of shock absorption during a run.

  • Recommended shoes:

Due to the reduced use of the natural shock absorbers of the arch and foot, it is recommended that running shoes with cushioned heel regions would help lessen the shock and impact on contact. Most cushioning shoes will provide the support.

Mid-foot Strikers

The mid section or the ball of your foot contacts the ground first during a run. The leg tends to flex on contact with the ground, therefore introducing less stress on the knees and minimizing pressure on the ankles.

  • Recommended shoes:

It is ideal to have running shoes with cushioning or padding in the mid section of the shoes. However, there are not many running shoes in the market with substantial mid-foot cushioning.


The front of the foot is the first to contact the ground. A forefoot runner will also have the leg flexed on contact to the ground therefore causing less stress on the knees and ankle. This is much like use by sprinter.

  • Recommended shoes:

Similar to mid-foot strikers, the shoes should have more cushioning or padding in the front section of the shoes to help with the shock absorption.

Cheers! (:

The Salomon X-Trail Run 2010

In the early morning of 14th November 2010, some 2640 people gathered together, lining up behind one another in a massive queue. Stretching a good 100m at least! With music blasting in the background, some were decked in singlets, others turned up with caps and water bottle in case they get dehydrated along the way. From a far, one might thought that the GREAT SINGAPORE SALE (GSS) or ZoukOut 2010 had come early. But nooooooo, this isn’t your SALE days or another one of those Hello Kitty craze but these many people turned up at MacRitchie for the 3rd Salomon X-Trail Run!

The weather was great – cold and chilly, not raining as forecasted by the “weatherman”. Considering the fact that it was a record turnout for the event, i expected congestion at the area. There were many people by 0700H but the ushers and volunteers were present to help organize and lead the people to the respective stations like Baggage Deposit Area (Separated Males & Females) and the start line.

Your most reliable news and weather forecast team

One thing that i liked was that there was a water point set up BEFORE the run that ALSO gave out bananas (awesome stuff) on top of their cup of H-Two-O and bottled mineral water. I know this might sound funny but when i saw the bananas, i thought we had to pay for it. I mean, personally, I’ve never seen bananas being given away FOC before a race. Nonetheless, i grabbed one and devoured it. Woke up late & didnt have time for breakfast lah. =(

Volunteers filling up cups of H-TWO-O for participants before the race. Didnt managed to take photos of the Big Bananas Giveaway. 

Anyways, after depositing my shoe bag but carrying along my 2nd bag with my secret shoe 😉 and got myself pins to pin my no. tag on, i was all prepped up to ready to run the 12km.

  • Cap? Checked. 
  • Hydrated? Checked.
  • Warm ups? Checked
  • My Nike Lunar Glide+2  shoes (for 1st part of the race)? Checked.

With everything A-OK, i headed to the START point which was situated 150m away, from the water point. And SOMEHOW, i managed to squeeze through the crowd to get ahead of like what? 100+ runners? Hehehe. 

The race was flagged off about 5min later and people started moving forward. Kinda jam packed at first but as we got out of the “GSS queue”, the route was pretty wide open. Ran across the dam and then alongside the reservoir before heading into the “trail” portion of the race.

Trail running as what that is shared by Mr Azhar Azib – “Trail running is a thinking sport. You can’t just space out because of the terrain.” (have to be alert at times). You can watch his short interview we had with him by clicking HERE.

What I particularly like about the trail portion of the run is that it keeps you alert at all times and with “cleaner & purer” air, running trail is soothing to the soul. You are one with Mother Nature. BUT one slight problem that arose from this route during the race was that it was beginning to get cramped when the front runners had already make a U-turn and was coming back onto THE SAME ROUTE as me. A lot of “EXCUSE MEs” and “KEEP TO THE LEFT!” were echoed up and down by runners and organizers alike. I was OK but not too sure about the other runners though. :/

Congested much?

Moving on, somewhere along the 10km mark, i stopped at the medic hut to change my NIKE LUNAR GLIDE+ 2 into my VIBRAM KSO TREKSPORT! Not that the Lunar G wasnt good, but this was the best time to put my VIBRAM KSO TREKSPORT to the test! The Lunar Glide+ 2 provided a good firm support and cushioning while i was running the 1st part of the trail. Anyways, you can read all about my “barefoot” experience HERE.

About a kilometer into the trail, i reached the pavement portion. Running on the pavement with the hot sun belting down on you wasn’t fun. I hate getting burned by the sun. Army NS time enough already lah. Although it wasnt nice, it kinda acts as an added factor for me to run faster and reach the shady area (which i couldnt see). Hahahaha. Managed to meet and make few NEW friends along the route. Leaping my way along the pavement, i finally reached the shady part (back in MacRitchie) and i saw the sign i have been longing for – 300m to go. Woohoo!

Like an Energizer Rabbit, i turned on my nitrous mode, switched to the highest gear and Lamborghini-ed my way up and down the path. Upon reaching the “finishing” line i was thinking “Im going to jump and punch my fist in the air as i cross the line. Yeah.”. So when i finally reached it, i did just that. ONLY to realise that the finishing line was 100m down some more. @#%$@#$%???!! PAISEH SIOL!

Apparently, i didnt see that it stated START and no FINISH on the board above. Cheat my feelings only. =P

But i kept my cool face (hoping that no one would take photo of that “moment”) and sprinted down the slope. Man, i was like a gazelle borned by a cheetah. Sprinting my way down, i finally reached THE REAL FINISHING LINE. And yes, i did the same move as i had done a few seconds back. The Feeling was awesome.


It took me a while to gather my thoughts and feeling that i have ACTUALLY COMPLETED the run in 1h 30min. Not that its a very good timing but between me and you (and prolly the rest of the internet world), i didnt train for this run. Reason? Work lah, what else. This is SINGAPORE maaaan! So i joined my friends and we stayed by the side of the path nearing the FINISHING LINE to cheer for the remaining runners.

So anyways, the post run entertainment was just the Top 10 Prizes giveaway, LUCKY DRAW!! (so angry later i tell you why) and the music boomboxing away. Apparently, for the LUCKY DRAW, we had to submit/apply for them and not like AUTO apply because we registered for the run kind. Wasted, if not i could have won hat Davidoff (i think) perfume for men. SHUCKS! Confident much aye? Hehehehe!

All in all, this is my first time taking part in the SALOMON X-TRAIL RUN 2010. And i must say, running at MacRitchie brings back memories of my secondary school days running our “cross country” (but actually more like “Inside MacRitchie Only Run”). WHICH, i got medals for it. 😉 Not telling you what place i got eyy. Shy lah. Shy. 


  1. Its a Trail run. Hurhurhur.
  2. Nice weather. Thank you God.
  3. Free bananas. Thank you Dole Bananas.
  4. Good music. (But the DJ like slack only)
  5. Great atmosphere. (the vibe was there)
  6. Met LOADS of awesome runners from all walks/runs of life. =P
  7. And lastly, knowing that i could still complete a 12km run after all these while is simply, whats that word again? LEGEND….wait for it…DARY! LEGENDARY!


  1. The first portion of the trail route was congested. 
  2. 1st water point along the route was pretty far away (to me at least)
  3. Hot weather towards the end. (ok, im just kidding)
  4. Water served weren’t cold (yes, im THAT bitchy)
  5. Congestion at water points (Hello? Q-ing up for ZoukOut tix or what?)
  6. They should have indicated a “THIS IS NOT THE FINISHING LINE” on the first board towards the end. =P
  7. And lastly, i was beaten by a 17-year old GIRL, Ruby Hohensee, who went on to win the WOMEN’s 12km category. LIKE !@#$%&?!!

Nonetheless, I’m just so happy to have been able to take part in this run and complete it with my friends. Felt good. For those of you who did not manage to take part OR felt lazy to run all i can say is – WASTED. What a great way to kick off my Sunday morning with some adrenaline pumping and a good work out.Hope the next X-Trail run will be much much more fun and looking forward to seeing MORE runners. New (like me) or SEASONed ones, doesnt matter.

And of course, making sure that Ruby wont beat me again.

Till next time, Guten Tag! And ouh, some photos were taken and shared by WORLD OF SPORTS. I really hope they dont mind. Hehehe!

(Now from running a horizontal plane, i’ve got to tweak and switch my system to running vertical. Yes, Swissotel Vertical Marathon tomorrow. But tonight, i got the NTUC uSport 60km cycling event. Hohoho! Coming right UP!)

Salomon X-Trail Run 2010 Route Release

As the Salomon X-trail run draws nearer and nearer. Many participant is still waiting patiently for more details such as the release of the running route. Wait no further as the running route is finally out.

Registration for the run is close but here are some intersting information that will come in useful.

As of 30th October the number of sign up for the 2010 SalomonX-Trail was 2640 which is an increase of 212 runners from 2428 last year, this shows the how popular the trail running had turn out to be since.

Breakdown of Sign up

The 5  race categories are as follow:

–  Men’s Open(12km Competitive) – 1271 runners

– Women’s Open(12km Competitive) – 384 runners

– Men’s Veteran* (12km Competitive) – 239 runners

– Women’s Veteran** (12km Competitive) – 89 runners

– 4.6km  Non-Competitive – 657 runners

*Men’sVeteran- above the age of 45

**Women’sVeteran- above the age of 40

What to expect? expect the uexpected!

Race Pack collection

Date: 6th & 7th November 2010
Venue: Velocity @ Novena Square Wing Atrium
Time: 11am to 8pm

Flag off timing

Men’s Open will start at 0730H sharp,
Women’s Open/Men’s & Women’s Veteran at 0735H.
Non-Competitive runners at 0815H

See you in MacRitchie on the 14 November. Be sure to put on your best trail running shoe as it’s going to be a wild ride.

Cheers! (:

(Source: http://myrunningaddiction.wordpress.com/ )

We can always let nature take its course. But to get the best apples, we must pluck them before they fall, and be picked up by someone else.

I know that I’m supposed to be posting up about some other event. However, I’ve yet to receive some of the photos taken from some other cameras, thus the delay. Sorry about that.

But as of late, I realize that most times, we, fitness enthusiast of different sports, fail to see the importance of going the extra mile. Yes, we all “read about it”, “hear about it” etc, but how many of us ACTUALLY go and “do something about it”…full time?

If you want to achieve something, be in any sport, ask yourself this question, “How badly do you want it?”. Don’t “BADLY” me now but “slightly bad” later.

Most runners, gymers, fitness buffs, all have targets they set for themselves. But bogged down with school work, work, kids blah blah blah, we fail to achieve what we have initially set for ourselves.

Legend, a runner, from www.myrunningaddiction.wordpress.com, is a great example of someone who “plucks the apples off the tree” rather than wait for “apples to drop”. He seeks out for races and race trainings and go for them. Not only that, he trains hard for them too. Coupling his running addiction (pun intended) with MMA-styled workouts… Now, THAT’s BAD***! Check out his site for “inspiration” and his reviews on the races.

We have many runners here in SG. True story. The Nike City Race 10K got 12,000 people registering for it within 9 days from the registration date.

With a population of 5million human people, those arent good numbers. Thing is, most know of the MAJOR runs. Cause it’s being advertised & publicized. But what about those other races or training runs? See what I mean? How many of you know of:

Salomon X-trail 2010 Date: 14/11/2010 Locations: Mac Ritchie Reservoir Distance: 12km (for more info, visit: http://salomonx-trailrun.com/ )


I bet if I could see the number of hands being raised from my screen here, I would see a good number of you guys/girls. Good. Now that you know about it, are you gonna wait for the apple to fall from the apple tree OR pluck it? Your call.