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Last weekend, the 74th Singapore Open Tack and Field Championships organised by the Singapore Athletics Association was held at the Bishan Stadium. Quite a star-studded affair, with the likes of Olympics Singapore REPRESENT! (say it in a swag tone) Gary Yeo and Singapore athletics veteran – James Wong competing in their respective field. What up!

Anyways, thanks to the ladies and gentlemen over at the event, we have a few nice and intense photos.

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Photos credits: Eric Lim & Jervis Mun


EVENT HYPE: Singapore National Games – The “Hunger Games” Singaporean style

The Hunger Games: Singapore Edition

As the dust settles from the London Olympics, and Singapore returns with her pair of bronze medals, another opportunity arises for restless hearts to support sporting competition. Come 1st – 9th September, recapture the spirit of sportsmanship by fighting and rallying together with fellow neighbors for the glory of your local community at the Singapore National Games! With close to 5,000 community athletes from the 15 clusters competing over 10 different sports, this upcoming event promises to be equally exciting, albeit being of a smaller scale than the Olympics.

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The Skinny Of My Active Sporting Lifestyle.

Start of the 2nd month in 2012, i thought i’ll share with the newer readers: WHY I TRAIN. An old post, but nonetheless, still GOLD. And looking back at it, motivates & inspires me to work harder.

Contrary to its name, this blog has grown from merely a running blog to something which covers a wider range of sports and fitness and also health. Inspiring the uninspired to run, bike, swim and train etc. This post goes out to all those skinny guys and ANYONE who AIMS to achieve something better this year. 🙂

To be fitter, faster, stronger, better.


Family members, relatives and friends used to ask/tell me all sorts of questions like “Why you train so hard?”, “Concentrate on your education and not your gym/running stuff.”, “Some people people so fit also die early.” and blah blah blah. Well, this post is gonna be pretty much about me and my journey to reach my goal of achieving a the physique and fitness of a Roman God Bod. 😛

I must say that i’ve not reached there YET. Hahaha. Slowly but surely yeah? This posts goes out especially to all the people out there who is like me, skinny and weak, and seek to have a better bod and fitness level. I feel you bro.

Anyways, I had always wanted to share my love of fitness and also my interest in weights training to achieve that physique that one can only dream of. You know, kinda like those Men’s Health front cover models. ;P I personally started gyming and understanding the different forms of exercises for different muscle groups when i was 17. Yes, i do remember it clearly because that was one of those moments in your life which you realise that your decision had made a great impact to your future self. Its like a decision to get married or to have a kid. THAT extreme? YES it is!

First and foremost, i, like many other self-claimed skinny guys out there is what scientist classify as ECTOMORPH. Also known as a “hard gainer” for our inability to gain as much weight even though we might eat the same amount as those we claim as “fat people”. We have high metabolism thus we burn more calories faster than what we take in. And guess what? Brad Pitt is an ECTOMORPH too! Yay! Got “spiritual” connection liao. Somehow, i feel like Tyler Durden (from FIGHT CLUB) and Achilles (from Troy) now. 😛

I tried. Very hard to gain weight.

Yes, i did almost a lot of things to try and gain as much weight, but to no effect. Chin up regime when i was ard 6-7 years old didnt help much nor did eating a whole tray of rice, chicken and what nots when i was in secondary school. 😛 Okay, i was kidding about the former. Hahaha!

Basically, i was a thin and fragile kid back in my secondary school days. My weight was always fluctuating between 45-50kg AND FOR A GUY, that is kinda light. It didnt help that i was a hyperactive kid and participated in outdoor activities as well as sports. (i was a Scout Trooper from 1997-2005 & i played touch rugby from 1997-1999) As much as i tried to eat, my stomach just couldnt take in much calories and i get full very easily. *sigh sigh sigh*

2001. Scouting moments

Well anyways, i remember it as clearly as it was yesterday when back then in 2005, a female friend of mine exclaimed to me that i had a weight of a girl as we were taking our Height & Weight during our P.E lesson. There i was already having a hard time to gain weight and such, and there she was popping my confidence-balloons. Although the comments deflated me emotionally, i CHOSE to think rationally and logically and decided IT IS TIME for me to do something.

I couldnt help to see a skinny dude looking back at me whenever i look into the mirror. Could you? OMG! I bet you cant either! It sucks, really. So i decided to hit the gym and learn as much as i could from people, internet and books. Also at the same time, joining my favourite sport of RUGBY drove me to achieve a better bod and physique as (contact) rugby IS indeed a hardcore sport. Pick up a sport people. It DRIVES you to be good and serve your team/school well!

2005. JJC Cougars.

Over the course of 2 years in JC, i gained 15kg. Quite an achievement for me as on the average, i’d manage to gain only 5kg per year. Of course, i didnt become fat or bubbly as i had constant workout and high level of intensity gyming back then. But still i wasnt happy with my fitness level. Being in the army and doing all the *censored* shit out there turned out to be very useful. I grew leaner with all those morning and afternoon runs and route marches. And the constant chin-up regime before meals (even as i became a commander), propelled my physique and strength to greater heights.

2008. Post-NS days.

And as my level of fitness grew, my confidence grew too. I could wear more variety of clothing without making it look like i had an oversized jumper on me. And yes, my post NS days – when 25 chin ups were no problem and my 2.4km runs were 9min.

Fast forward to this time round, i am happy…er with what i have accomplished thus far. Participating in sports/activities ranging from  soccer to rock climbing to camp facilitating to kettlebell-ing and etc, it gave me more confidence knowing i could achieve MORE as i play the sport. I could run faster, kick harder, climb higher and lift heavier weights.

As of this current moment, the year 2012 will be a life changing year for me as i set out to achieve MORE accomplishments for myself (picking up Muay Thai & BJJ at Evolve MMA, getting my swimming fins back to work, just to name a few sports). It will be mentally draining. It will be physically tougher. It will be spiritually demanding.

End 2011. Successfully completed my personal best of 35 chin ups in one set. I plan to hit 45 by the end of 2012.

BUT hey! Playing sports and keeping fit is kinda like a drug. It makes me happy and boosts one’s confidence. And best of all, it keeps me in the company of fitness enthusiasts. Rather than wasting time sitting under the void deck, drinking, rioting, making a nuisance, might as well, i keep myself healthy and fit. I think that one great group of people whom you can train with FOR FREE (no hidden costs) is with SG TITANS. Who are they? Stay tuned to find out more. Or you can just click the SG Titans page above on my header. 🙂

And thats WHY I TRAIN.

17 years of determination and hard work. More to go.

January 2012 - Trail run cum hike from Dairy Farm Bukit Timah Hill to Kampung Chantek.

Till next time, Guten tag and lets build some hurtin’ bombs!

TRUE FITNESS opens its 7th outlet at Tampines Junction

(By female Guest writer – Farah E.)

TUESDAY, 17th JANUARY – TRUE FITNESS launched its 7th outlet at NTUC Income Tampines Junction, Level 8. Within walking distance from Tampines Interchange, this 24, 000 sq feet fitness sanctuary houses a well-lit and spacious group exercise studio with a members’ lounge area nearby, a consigned hot yoga studio, and a Spinning studio.  It is equipped with an ubiquitous array of cardiovascular and strength machines. It also boasts its first Muay Thai ring. The layout of the club is well-organized hence I was able to quickly familiarize myself around.

The fiesta was set with an array of exciting activities; high energy and enthusiasm filled the atmosphere. Gracing the night was the presence of Mr Patrick Wee, CEO of True Fitness and celebrities like Paul Foster and Keegan Kang. The first activity I picked was Zumba. I have been doing it for a year and am an avid fan. I could tell that the class was set to its easiest level.

The instructor Mathew was encouraging and I liked that he stepped down to dance together with members. Unfortunately (for me), the Zumba session lasted for half an hour only but that did not indicate the end of my workout…

Come on! Don’t be shy… Now hook and jab!

I challenged myself to try to Bodystep following that and I admit I struggled to keep up but had fun anyway, laughing with other members who were doing it for the first time too. Gathering around the boxing ring, CEO Mr Patrick Wee gave a short speech (yes! In the boxing ring itself… What a brilliant idea for a stage) before everyone witnessed a wai khru ram may, a ritual performed by Muay Thai practitioners before a match. It set the atmosphere for what was coming next – a 20-minute Bodycombat special led by True Fitness instructors. A short but intensive work out.

I was approached to join the Roundhouse Kick challenge but I was too shy, although I really regretted when I saw the prizes for the top Three winners – True Fitness hampers, worth more than $200! Not to say I would have won, but at least I could have had a shot at it! 😛

The event was concluded with food and refreshments where I mingled with a few members who turned out to be loyal customers of True Fitness because of their extensive range of classes. Its dance classes seemed to be most popular (all the better for someone who loves dancing, like me!). With more than 30 classes (check it out!), every individual of every fitness level and preferred mode of exercise can indulge and enjoy.

I certainly enjoyed myself and cannot wait to start on my journey with True Fitness. Time to sports suit up and usher in the New Year with a healthy and great body! 😉

SPORT ON! Kids Club

Organized by the Singapore Sports Council, SPORT ON! Kids Club is back with 4 great sports workshops in the month of February…for the young at heart. Like literally young at heart. Thats right, its sports workshops meant for kids. With activities like KIDS FUN RUGBY, FOREST ADVENTURE COURSE, KANGOO JUMPING FOR KIDS and KIDS ULTIMATE FRISBEE, you can be sure that the kids will have loads of fun (and fat burnin’) time!

For those of you who have kids, let’s get them out of the comforts of the sofa or the computer room and head out there and LET’S PLAY!

For more info, go to: http://sportonkids.com.sg

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The Strongman Challenge 2011

What: The Strongman Challenge 2011 lah!

When: Preliminaries – 20 February 2011 & Grand Finals – 12 March 2011.

Where: Basic Rescue Training Centre (BRTC), 91 Jalan Bahar, Singapore 649735 for the Prelims & HDB Hub Mall Toa Payoh Central for the Finals.

Who: For those who believe and feel that they can…

…carry a log weighing 100kg in each hand and compete for the fastest time over a 20 metres distance…

…AND flip a tractor tyre weighing 250 kg across a 20 metres distance in the fastest time…

…AND pull the SCDF Red Rhino weighing about 4-tonnes over a 15 metres distance.

How: How to register? Click HERE. (Registration closes 14th Feb 2011)


All the best to my Titan friends!