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HYPE: The Unleash Deadly Challenge. WOOHOO!

4th July 2012 – The other time, Adidas launched a contest about submitting what we feel would be a crazy and deadly idea one would do with a soccer ball. In line with their latest range of football (or some would call it soccer) boots – the Adidas Predator Lethal Zones, I tried to make my idea as crazy and lethal too (Hey! Its 150 charcters max):

“Juggle the ball across the expressway and smash 10 glass panels with fireworks to end it!”

Because of that submission, I won myself a $50 adidas voucher + an invite to take part in the Predator Lethal Zones Challenge! Woohoo! Cannot wait to pit myself against the obstacles that adidas have set.

Nabil is All In. Are you?

EVENT: Predator Lethal Zones Challenge

DATE: Saturday, 7th & 8th July 2012

TIME: 1030H-1900H

You can register yourself for the event too at: unleashdeadly.com

Also, check out my review on the Predator Lethal Zones here.

MOTOR SPORT: Of burning rubbers and roaring thunders – a FRESH perspective on The Formula Drift 2012

(Article and Photog by Nash A. & Anwar R.)

30th June 2012 – The smell of singed rubber and plumes of white smoke filled the wide open spaces of Changi Exhibition Centre. Nissan Silvias, Toyota Supras with hints of Subarus and a seemingly out-of-placed Lexus were screaming across the tracks, adorned and cheered on by the fans by the grills and railings. The cars were not the only attraction though with the race queens strutting their stuff, complying with endless requests to have their pictures taken. Despite the capricious weather, the day looked set to drift through with a bang- that was my weekend everybody, I lived through the “Nascar”-like weekend.

This was my first motor-sport event and boy was a converted to being a fan of the cars. In its 5th year, the series got very personal. Everyone was given access to the drivers’ pit, interact with the team (when not racing of course!!) and get up close and personal. Marcus Lim, CEO Driftpac and Founder of FD Asia, said, “We are excited to bring the race back to Changi and encouraging more local drivers out there, as a testament to how much the sport is picking up”. A total of 9 local drivers (highest so to date) geared their cars out on the tracks.

Photographer: Anwar Randii

Big names like Daigo Saito (who built a Lexus form scratch!!!), Max Orido (Cowboy racer), Ken Gushi (American Ace) came to town and were really in it to win. Specs and tuning aside, at the end of the day, it was all down to skill. The dedication of these racers was the core of the event. The intricacies of the mechanics, the rallying by the sponsors and the aesthetics (the race queens I mean…) came together nicely to bring about a great race-sporting event. Also it displayed the strength of the Asian community in the racing arena by having Daigo Saito, successfully defending his title once again!!!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

As a noob, I practically know nothing. But actually going out there and enjoying the display of skill, the thrill of the fans, the adrenalin pumping turns across the tracks and the accommodating feel throughout the race, was just superb. Special thanks goes out to Brandon and Shah from Team 9tro Magazine for explaining to the me the A-Zs of Drift racing. Hats off to local drivers out there who sponsored themselves on the tracks, supported by outstanding brands like Westlake Performance Tyres and Stamford Tyres. SingaSports will definitely be catching your “Drift” more in the future!!!

The SingaSports “Drift” Team 

VIDEO: Why We Run (in HD)

Sports and the immediate environment complement each other. It is important for us to understand the causes that lead to climate change and how the repercussions of climate change would affect the environment as well as the athlete.

‘Why We Run’ attempts to look into how people who do sports, particularly those who indulge in long-distance running, can help assist in sustaining and saving the very environment that they depend on when they pursue their passion of running.

Together with Twin Glasses Films, we produced this short film in hope to inspire runners and/or fellow sportsmen like you and I, to care for the environment.

Gears used: The NB Minimus Zero 

P.S, The protagonist does look somewhat familiar eh?