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OPINIONS: Of Paralympics and Post Olympics Thoughts by Team SingaSports

Perhaps some of you might not be aware but the Paralympics Games 2012 is happening right now – 29 August to 9 September in London! It might not have gotten much fanfare from most media but I feel that such athletes should deserve as much coverage and perhaps even greater respect.

Putting their perceived limitations aside, they perform the impossible. Running, swimming, BJJ, cycling and even picking up archery, these abled bodied men and women certainly get my utmost respect for their courage, perseverance and determination. They have indeed shown that Sport doesn’t care who you are – Everyone can take part.

Check out the games and support these athletes here: http://www.london2012.com/paralympics/sports/

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VIDEO: Why We Run (in HD)

Sports and the immediate environment complement each other. It is important for us to understand the causes that lead to climate change and how the repercussions of climate change would affect the environment as well as the athlete.

‘Why We Run’ attempts to look into how people who do sports, particularly those who indulge in long-distance running, can help assist in sustaining and saving the very environment that they depend on when they pursue their passion of running.

Together with Twin Glasses Films, we produced this short film in hope to inspire runners and/or fellow sportsmen like you and I, to care for the environment.

Gears used: The NB Minimus Zero 

P.S, The protagonist does look somewhat familiar eh? 

Motor Sports Weekend: The Ducati SG and Malaysia Meet-up

(From our Motor Sports correspondent – Anwar R.B)

5th May 2012 – 30+ Ducati Owners Club (DOC) Malaysia riders convoyed to
Singapore for one of their “touring” destinations. This was led by the President of
DOC Malaysia, Mr Nageb Abdul Majid. A Singapore based club called Ducatista.SG
welcomed their presence. Ducatista.SG is a club made up of Ducati riders who
shares the same passion as DOC Malaysia, which is riding bikes and Ducati of course. The President of Ducatista.SG Mr Izwan led his crew in order to make the event a

At about 2pm, Ducatista.SG welcomed DOC Malaysia from 2nd Link Tuas
Checkpoint and convoyed to a restaurant in Eunos called Mutiara Restaurant,
which is owned by a fellow Ducati rider, Mr Rizal Jasni. After lunch was served,
both the Singapore and Malaysia Ducati riders roared the streets of Singapore
with the sound of V-Twin and dry clutch. A total of about 50+ Ducati bikes
of different categories like the Ducati Monster, Hypermotard, Multistrada,
Streetfighter and Superbikes were part of this rare event.

From Eunos to G-Max to Regina at Kelantan Lane and by 7pm, DOC Malaysia
checked in at the Park Royal Hotel in Serangoon. After refreshments, they had
dinner at Mutiara Restaurant and ended the event with the traditional Saturday
night riding throughout Singapore. Passing by Marina Bay Sands, Singapore
Flyer, War Memorials, Hard Rock Café and a chilling session at Arab St.

Of course every pit stops will be accompanied by photo taking and chit chats.
The event ended about 1am. This event got the attention of the media like
Motorculture Asia, who will be publishing a fraction of this joint event in their
upcoming issue in June 2012. 

But of course, SingaSports.com has got this exclusive story to share too. 😉

A small photo montage of the event below:

HYPE: Adidas Predator D5 LZ vs Nike Mercurial Vapour VIII

With 2 new boots coming your way in the market, which one would you choose? Which one will dominate the turf?

Adidas Predator D5 LZ (Leathal Zone)

With all the hype of it having “perfected” the spots on the boots for where the First Touch, Drive and the Sweet Spots are, the way i see it,.Adidas is targeting the serious footballers. Although it has yet to #unleash (hashtag on twitter) this latest range of football boots here in Singapore, Question is – Will all these “sweet spots” really make a difference to a player’s performance? Will the weekend warriors give it a go?

With the previous season’s adizero F50 boots being powered by the miCoach tracking device, i really hope that this Predator would be designed to hold the miCoach too. It would be awesome to be able to track your fastest speed, distance etc in a game of soccer. Oh yeah, one more thing, rumour has it, the Xavi from FC Barcelona is the player tasked to mark the spots on the boots and co-developed it. Afterall, that guy has spectacular ball control and delivery skills. OMG. :O


Nike Mercurial Vapour VIII 

With 2 big names in the sporting world coming together to put up an interesting advertorial concept on the latest Nike football boots, i had to watch it. Whats interesting is that it does not really tell about the boots intended specifications. But instead makes you run wild with your imagination to what this boots could do for you. Well, then again, its Cristiano Ronaldo here with the boots. He could score with a back heel with his eyes closed if he wanted to. Anyways, gotta love that guy! My sporting idol by the way. Heh.

Back to the boots – With a clean cut, bright orange design, the boots indeed looked slick and aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Would probably appeal to the youngsters who would go for looks and colour rather than actual performance. Mind you, im not saying this boots will not deliver, but seriously, its all up to the player’s skills at the end of the day.

All in all, to all football (and soccer) lovers out there, these 2 boots really really looked delicious and would certainly be the highlight amongst your football kakis. I would not go on to say which one i prefer the more because for me, my feet’s comfort being in the boots is my number 1 factor in selecting a pair of them. Aesthetics wise, bright colours would certainly make my day as i dazzle past defenders doing step overs etc. Hahaha! 😛

At the end of the day, what’s important is the bond and game time you have with your friends (and even strangers!). Afterall, keeping fit and healthy doesnt necessarily have to be boring or a chore. It is super fun when you are doing it with friends. Like playing football. 🙂

P.S, as the team and I are having our semester’s exams real soon, we apologize for the lack of updates, posts and stories right here on the blog. Also our uber late responses in replying the overwhelming emails. We will resume blogging proper once we’re done with exams (in mid-May). Till then, do follow us on Twitter for our shout outs on health, fitness and sporting updates and retweets!

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Of Sports, Fitness and Health


“A ruffian’s game played by Gentlemen.” 

Honestly, having played rugby in primary school and then a season during JC days and lastly, a short stint during my NS Army days, i must say, rugby is one sport which requires team work like no other.

Every single man relies and trusts their buddies beside them to “protect them” when they get tackled. Rugby, a contact sport, requires SPEED, AGILITY, POWER, STRENGTH & BRAINS to win the game. Perfect sport for people who desire to up the fitness and physique level. I know, cause i’ve been there done that: READ HERE

But that being said, i still love playing soccer… just a little aggressive though. Like Gennaro Gattusso.



“Discipline is doing what needs to be done, when it needs to be done, when we don’t want to do it.”

Its always easy to fall to temptations and skip a day’s training or snack on an unhealthy meal just for a day thinking, ITS ONLY A DAY. But such bad habits die hard and 1 day becomes 2 days and so on. Before you know it, you’re doomed.



“It promoted eating so many grain servings, it was promoting obesity.”

I had always suspected that something is wrong with the pyramid because it kinda lacks the essential proteins to build and pack on those muscles. Anyways, here’s to find out more: READ HERE


McDonalds: Still Loving it?

“McDonald’s confirms that it’s no longer using ‘pink slime’ chemical in hamburgers.” READ MORE

Its been 1 month + 5 days since i last touched a hamburger from McDonalds or any one of those fast food “restaurants” like KFC, Long John’s Silvers, Burger King etc. Well, i plan to stay on track and go fast food free for the whole of 2012.

Unless of course someone offers me $10,000 to have a bite at a new fast food burger. And that had better be a McD’s Samurai burger at least. ;P

The Skinny Of My Active Sporting Lifestyle.

Start of the 2nd month in 2012, i thought i’ll share with the newer readers: WHY I TRAIN. An old post, but nonetheless, still GOLD. And looking back at it, motivates & inspires me to work harder.

Contrary to its name, this blog has grown from merely a running blog to something which covers a wider range of sports and fitness and also health. Inspiring the uninspired to run, bike, swim and train etc. This post goes out to all those skinny guys and ANYONE who AIMS to achieve something better this year. 🙂

To be fitter, faster, stronger, better.


Family members, relatives and friends used to ask/tell me all sorts of questions like “Why you train so hard?”, “Concentrate on your education and not your gym/running stuff.”, “Some people people so fit also die early.” and blah blah blah. Well, this post is gonna be pretty much about me and my journey to reach my goal of achieving a the physique and fitness of a Roman God Bod. 😛

I must say that i’ve not reached there YET. Hahaha. Slowly but surely yeah? This posts goes out especially to all the people out there who is like me, skinny and weak, and seek to have a better bod and fitness level. I feel you bro.

Anyways, I had always wanted to share my love of fitness and also my interest in weights training to achieve that physique that one can only dream of. You know, kinda like those Men’s Health front cover models. ;P I personally started gyming and understanding the different forms of exercises for different muscle groups when i was 17. Yes, i do remember it clearly because that was one of those moments in your life which you realise that your decision had made a great impact to your future self. Its like a decision to get married or to have a kid. THAT extreme? YES it is!

First and foremost, i, like many other self-claimed skinny guys out there is what scientist classify as ECTOMORPH. Also known as a “hard gainer” for our inability to gain as much weight even though we might eat the same amount as those we claim as “fat people”. We have high metabolism thus we burn more calories faster than what we take in. And guess what? Brad Pitt is an ECTOMORPH too! Yay! Got “spiritual” connection liao. Somehow, i feel like Tyler Durden (from FIGHT CLUB) and Achilles (from Troy) now. 😛

I tried. Very hard to gain weight.

Yes, i did almost a lot of things to try and gain as much weight, but to no effect. Chin up regime when i was ard 6-7 years old didnt help much nor did eating a whole tray of rice, chicken and what nots when i was in secondary school. 😛 Okay, i was kidding about the former. Hahaha!

Basically, i was a thin and fragile kid back in my secondary school days. My weight was always fluctuating between 45-50kg AND FOR A GUY, that is kinda light. It didnt help that i was a hyperactive kid and participated in outdoor activities as well as sports. (i was a Scout Trooper from 1997-2005 & i played touch rugby from 1997-1999) As much as i tried to eat, my stomach just couldnt take in much calories and i get full very easily. *sigh sigh sigh*

2001. Scouting moments

Well anyways, i remember it as clearly as it was yesterday when back then in 2005, a female friend of mine exclaimed to me that i had a weight of a girl as we were taking our Height & Weight during our P.E lesson. There i was already having a hard time to gain weight and such, and there she was popping my confidence-balloons. Although the comments deflated me emotionally, i CHOSE to think rationally and logically and decided IT IS TIME for me to do something.

I couldnt help to see a skinny dude looking back at me whenever i look into the mirror. Could you? OMG! I bet you cant either! It sucks, really. So i decided to hit the gym and learn as much as i could from people, internet and books. Also at the same time, joining my favourite sport of RUGBY drove me to achieve a better bod and physique as (contact) rugby IS indeed a hardcore sport. Pick up a sport people. It DRIVES you to be good and serve your team/school well!

2005. JJC Cougars.

Over the course of 2 years in JC, i gained 15kg. Quite an achievement for me as on the average, i’d manage to gain only 5kg per year. Of course, i didnt become fat or bubbly as i had constant workout and high level of intensity gyming back then. But still i wasnt happy with my fitness level. Being in the army and doing all the *censored* shit out there turned out to be very useful. I grew leaner with all those morning and afternoon runs and route marches. And the constant chin-up regime before meals (even as i became a commander), propelled my physique and strength to greater heights.

2008. Post-NS days.

And as my level of fitness grew, my confidence grew too. I could wear more variety of clothing without making it look like i had an oversized jumper on me. And yes, my post NS days – when 25 chin ups were no problem and my 2.4km runs were 9min.

Fast forward to this time round, i am happy…er with what i have accomplished thus far. Participating in sports/activities ranging from  soccer to rock climbing to camp facilitating to kettlebell-ing and etc, it gave me more confidence knowing i could achieve MORE as i play the sport. I could run faster, kick harder, climb higher and lift heavier weights.

As of this current moment, the year 2012 will be a life changing year for me as i set out to achieve MORE accomplishments for myself (picking up Muay Thai & BJJ at Evolve MMA, getting my swimming fins back to work, just to name a few sports). It will be mentally draining. It will be physically tougher. It will be spiritually demanding.

End 2011. Successfully completed my personal best of 35 chin ups in one set. I plan to hit 45 by the end of 2012.

BUT hey! Playing sports and keeping fit is kinda like a drug. It makes me happy and boosts one’s confidence. And best of all, it keeps me in the company of fitness enthusiasts. Rather than wasting time sitting under the void deck, drinking, rioting, making a nuisance, might as well, i keep myself healthy and fit. I think that one great group of people whom you can train with FOR FREE (no hidden costs) is with SG TITANS. Who are they? Stay tuned to find out more. Or you can just click the SG Titans page above on my header. 🙂

And thats WHY I TRAIN.

17 years of determination and hard work. More to go.

January 2012 - Trail run cum hike from Dairy Farm Bukit Timah Hill to Kampung Chantek.

Till next time, Guten tag and lets build some hurtin’ bombs!

The iFLY Accident and What We Can Learn From It

“Sports”. A noun. And as defined by Dictionary.comit is an athletic activity requiring skill or physical prowess and often of a competitive nature. 

In today’s society, many people are picking up some sort of sport to keep themselves healthy, fit and for some, just merely out of passion. “The love for the game” as some would say. Yes, running to rock climbing to soccer and to even bridge (a card game) is a sport.

Recently, on Monday, 15th January 2012, i chanced upon an article in The Sunday Times:

“iFly Singapore has first accident after instructor fractures shin”

And as i continued to read on, i realised it was the instructor who took me on my SECOND iFLY flight just a month ago – Scott Pereira. 😦 So apparently, what happened was that while performing a high-speed maneuver, he failed to break his decent and his leg hit the netting below.


1) The INSTRUCTOR got injured because he was performing a stunt for the beginner flyers.

Freak accident. It wasnt as if the the net suddenly gave way OR the fan blew him out of the wind tunnel like in Wizard Of Oz. He was performing a stunt, a MUCH MORE DANGEROUS demonstration when that happened. Although it is naturally interesting to watch and see someone performing something which we will never master in an hour’s time (because we are lazy creatures to begin with), the harder and WOW-er the moves are, the more higher risk of injuries. Duhh!

Personally, I have been to iFLY twice and flown in the wind tunnel for the 6th time  and nothing happened to me. Well, thats because i stuck to the instructions that the instructor told us. Nothing fancy, just pure indoor skydiving flight experience. And yes, i still have my limbs in tact and i didnt sprain my shins. 🙂

2) Indoor skydiving and the safety net saved Scott’s life.

Just saying. Had it been an outdoor, real life, 15,000ft up in the air, and you make one wrong move, thats it. You’re a goner. The indoor skydiving wind tunnel allows you to experience skydiving without forking out the hefty sum of money and its also relatively safer. I remembered seeing kids flying in it and they loved it.

It was kinda like a family affair thing going on and i must say, it was indeed fun. It kinda preps you up for the real one actually. I used to think jumping out of the airplane and maneuvering in the sky is easy, but apparently, it is an activity requiring skill or physical prowess up in the sky with no safety net. Just you, your parachute and prolly some birds in flying around. Tweet tweet!

I’ll be frank with you – all sports are dangerous. Be it you’re jogging or running or simply playing bowling, there will be some element of risks involved. Noticed i mentioned RISKS and not INJURIES? Thats because if you are in the right state of mind and body, chances are, you minimize your risk of getting injured, sprained whatever. There will always be risks, but not always be injuries.

The 4 factors that COULD result in injury while playing sports:

  1. Not physically fit
  2. Not mentally prepared
  3. Performing much riskier stunts
  4. Act of god

Over the years had my fair share of knocks and bruises and sprains and even scars from playing a multitude of sports. From soccer to rugby (i was stomped on my head) to mountain biking (where i fell and was knocked unconscious, sustaining a scar below my eye) and many more other vigorous activities, you name it. But I know i cant lead that kind of lifestyle. Life is too short and the world is too exciting and fun just waiting to be explored and discovered. As the great 19th-century theologian, WIlliam Shedd once said:

“A ship in a harbour is safe, but that is not what ships are built for.”

But ultimately, the benefits of playing sports and being active, out weighs the detrimental effects of not having an active lifestyle and being a couch potato. That being said – now get out there and run, bike, swim or even FLY!

7 TIPS To Getting Back On Track This New Year!

Like sand through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives... Its been days into 2012 and with such a long weekend to celebrate the new year,i wouldnt be surprised if you would feel lethargic and tired trying to “kick start” our fitness regime – be it runs or workouts or even coupling them both. I know, cause im having this post-holiday “I-am-so-lazy-to-train” mood too.

Personally, i have been on a low key on running ever since i completed my 21km at the SCMS 2011. And although i still do a little light cardio workout or runs here and there, its surely never the same as my high-key period of trainings. Perhaps, you’re like me and would love to meet your fitness resolutions that you have set for yourself this year (2012) but cant seem to get out of that rut well read on, gorgeous/hunks.

Well, here are 7 TIPS that you can incorporate into your 2012 lifestyle to make sure that you’re on the right gear to meet your (fitness) resolutions:

1) Have a positive state of mind, coming into the new year.

Its the new year. Time to start things a fresh. “NEW YEAR. NEW ME. NEW CHALLENGE.” i would say. Have a yourself set some new goals that you might want to achieve this year. For me, im looking forward to training and picking up Muay Thai (and Jiu-Jitsu) over at Evolve MMA Academy, the biggest MMA academy in town thus far. Hope i can get a leaner and beefier bod once im done with all those intense trainings! BOO-YAH!

2) Set S.M.A.R.T goals.

That being said, having new resolutions are good but having SMART ones are more important. Dont be the kind who sets ridiculous targets (like trying to lose 50kg in 4 months) when you yourself know your priorities/work doesnt quite allow you to. Although its good to set a “benchmark” you wanna achieve, 12 months is a lot of time, so plan your goals wisely. 

By the way, S.M.A.R.T stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Reasonable and Time.

3) Start back small. Go easy on the training.

Yes, you may have ran 42km in under 4 hours, deadlifted 130kg or performed 200 chin ups before. But when starting up from a lull period (what more a holiday festive break), its important to give your body some time of running in. Take a slow run/jog or start with lighter weights first. You dont have to prove to anyone, really. Its all about your body, your pace. The last thing you want is to injure yourself in the early months of the year thus rendering you “crippled” from reaching your set goals.

Furthermore, if you had expected more from yourself, you would just feel demoralized and probably wont feel good about your performance. Which could make you believe that its pointless to train any more. Just saying.

4) Eat fresh & sleep tight.

Probably one of the hardest thing for most people to follow but you should start to learn and love to eat fresh foods. Out with the McBurgers or Finger lickin’ good chicken drumsticks. Eating proper food and having adequate rests really helps your body get back into that healthy shape you were in before the holidays. I once tried going Fast Food Free for 4 months and it felt REALLY REALLY GOOD. Somehow, your body would feel much more energetic and less lethargic. Well, at least for me that is and i believe it would do the same for you.

5) Get a training buddy.

As the saying goes, “If you want to go FAST, go alone. If you want to go FAR, go with a team.”. No doubt you can always train on your own at your own pace etc, but when it comes to that critical point where some “push” is needed, thats where having a training buddy comes in handy. A training buddy would make sure that both of you keep up the tempo in your training and help you if you cant lift that weight etc. Most importantly, have a training buddy who has similar goals as you do so that both of you will be moving in the same direction.

6) Be mentally prepared.

Linking back to point number 4, being mentally prepared helps your body gets in the mood to run, bike, swim, workout and whatever you have planned to do. Many times, I personally went into a gym with such low morale (not necessarily because of fitness, but it could be due to stress at work etc) and my whole training was terrible. I didnt know what to do, what am i going to train and lifting those weights felt like a chore.

I would not want you to experience the same situation as me as not only does it waste your energy but also you time, which could have been used to do something else more productive and one which would ease your mind first.

7) E-N to the JOY

en-joy (verb): to experience with joy; take pleasure in.

Lastly, it is most important that you have fun and enjoy the whole process of your training. Yes, training might be a pain in the ass, it might make your muscles sore, i might make you gasp for breath but like many other things out there, what isnt hard? The thing that would cause someone to quit training or give up on it is when he/she starts to feel that it is a great burden to work towards their goals. Dont let that happen to you.


With those 7 TIPS, i hope that you will find your 1st gear to get you going and ultimately fulfill your resolutions for the year. I know that some of these might seem layman OR simple OR EVEN what-the-hell-i-know-that-too kinda tips, but its these simple things in life that sometimes we tend to overlook/forget. And thus, never get started any time soon… Hahaha!