EVENT: Beginners “Cheat” Sheet to Complete The Sundown Marathon

Credits to Khai from kaveman.sg

26th May 2012 – 28,000 people gathered at the field next to Nicoll Highway at about 2200H, all full of energy and smiles on their faces. No, this is not another one of the Worker’s Party rally speeches but instead, they were all gathering for Asia’s only night marathon event – The Sundown Marathon 2012.

Sundown Marathon 2012 would be my FIRST Full Marathon event and like anything that you’re gonna do for the first time, its kind of gives you a nervous feeling. Thoughts of “What ifs” were constantly playing in my mind. What if I don’t complete it? What if my legs give way? What if i stress myself too much and collapse? OMG.

Thankfully, i managed to complete the race at a time of 5 hours 52 min. Which was below my target of running it within 6 hours, 🙂 No doubt it was a grueling run due to the heavy rain and cold winds at my 22km mark, but with the help of my pacer friend, the supporters who braved the rain together with us, as well as the volunteers (who frantically poured 100 Plus and mineral water which tastes like lipstick), i managed to conquer the 42km route!

The Sundown Marathon 2012 experience in 30 seconds


Well here’s 6 “cheats” you could use for next year’s night marathon :

1) Sleep and Eat. Have lots of sleep and meals before the race.

I’m not trying to be a badass here, but i was dozing off along the Marina Barrage route. Despite sleeping TWICE during the day, Perhaps it was the construction route which made me feel sleepy. Perhaps it was because it was about 1-2am. Perhaps i did not consume enough coffee beans. Perhaps perhaps perhaps….

Running a marathon burns calories. Lots of them in fact. According to LiveStrong.com, a person could burn 2000-3500 calories in a single 42km race, depending on multiple factors like age, sex and weight. Carbo loading also helps to keep your stomach full so that you wont keep feeling hungry during the run, which could affect your performance.

2) Hydrate yourself weeks in advance and after the race.

There’s no water like plain mineral water. And if you would like to add some taste, you could consume 100 Plus too. Try and avoid alcoholic drinks and gassy-sugary drinks (like Coca-Cola etc). Proper hydration is essential not only hours before the race but also days in advance. You know you’re well-hydrated if you void large volumes of pale urine at least six times a day. 

3) Run light. 

Running a 42km is different as compared to running a 10km (obviously). Small hand-held equipment (like cameras) or even water bags should be kept away. Not only does it restrict your movements as you run (i.e clutching the camera) but also in the case of bad weather or if you take a tumble. It’s something you would have wished that you had not  carried in the first place. Take it from me. And those water bags… leave it to the serious runners who do not want to waste time queuing up to grab a drink.

4) Cushion, Stability & Speed.

I had always been a ‘minimalist’ and ‘racers’ kind of guy. Thus, most of my shoes aren’t the chunky types. However, as this would be my first full marathon, I opted to run in a pair of shoes which would provide me with 3 crucial aspects – Cushioning, Stability and Speed. New Balance 890v2 was my choice of running shoes.

I loved the way the shoe provides a decent amount of cushioning and stability but still remain light due to the REVLITE MIDSOLE FOAM material. Despite the heavy downpour causing the shoes to get soaked, my feet were pretty much intact and still alive. It only ached a little.

5) Be prepared, be mentally prepared.

42km is no joke. Thats 42,000m for you. Almost the length of one end of Singapore to another. Initially when people were warning me that 42km requires mental toughness, I was quite skeptical. But after going through the route, braving the inclement weather, feeling like Bear Grylls….YES. You’ll need some form of mental toughness to push you through the 42km journey.

What I did was to break down the run into smaller segments as well as plugging in my Sennheiser Adidas PMX 680 sports headphonesGreat stuff. It’s waterproof by the way. But sadly, I cannot say the same thing about my handphone. 😦

6) Grab a running buddy.

Although running is all about yourself, your race, your experience, it is always good to have a buddy or pacer who would run WITH you and go through the run together. Personally, nothing beats having someone by your side as you run and both of us cheering and motivating each other on. Thank you, buddies. You know who you are.


All in all, the Sundown Marathon 2012 had a been a great run. It was one  helluva experience. Never knew i could do 21km TIMES TWO after completing last year’s half-marathon race. I thought people were mad to do a 42km. But hey, i guess I’ve joined that group now. Proud of my accomplishment and the finisher’s tee is certainly really really nice! Hey, Sleep can wait. 😉


The biggest sporting goods expo ­at the Sundown Race Pack Collection and Fun at Sundown (Marathon)

The biggest sporting goods expo – at the Sundown Race Pack Collection

Held along with the race! – Entry pack collection for Sundown Marathon 2011, will be at the Run Bike Swim Expo. Held from 20-22 May 2011 (1100-2000H) at the Singapore Expo Hall 5, participants and sports-enthusiast OR sporty newbies can come on down to the expo and check out the awesome goods!

This expo showcases of the largest range consumer sporting brands, highlighting innovative sports equipment, fashion, services and events, making it perfect for the sports enthusiast. Talks, demonstrations and tips will also be available.

The work of sports photographers will also be presented as the “Sport Photog Awards” finalists’ are judged at the Run Bike Swim Expo, which is estimated to welcome an estimated 80,000 people.

The top 30 innovative products will be displayed at the +fresh expo area, where members of the public may view them.

Remember, its:

Date: 20-22 May 2011
Time: 11am – 8pm
Venue: Singapore Expo Hall 5
Free Admission

For more information, check out www.runbikeswimexpo.com!

Fun at Sundown (Marathon)

Now, most times, marathons and running events are meant for the participants ONLY. I mean, you wont see kids decked out in their Sunday’s best playing with their toys whatsoever at a run/race.  Well, at times, you get the occasionally hot girlfriend/boyfriend of a runner who’ll be waiting for them at the END point….

Thus, the organisers for the Sundown Marathon have decided to include some fun activities meant for EVERYONE to enjoy during the run! Supporters of the Sundown-ers may head down to the Sundown Village to have fun whilst awaiting their friends and family to return victorious! *the Spartan war cry!* Ha-ooh! Ha-ooh! Ha-ooh! 
The Fun-despite-no-Sun stuffs include:

  1. Movie marathon
  2. Live bands
  3. Pizza sprint
  4. Food and Beverage available

The pizza sprint will be a 100m race for the public to participate in. The fastest 3 participants will win $200 worth of food vouchers from Timbre Group Restaurants. Now, that’s what I call – “Working up your appetite!”. So don’t forget to head down to the Sundown Village in your running gear. Who knows, you could RUN AWAY (pun intended) with that $200 worth of food vouchers! YUMMEH! 🙂