The Strongman Challenge 2011 draws near!

With just less than 2 weeks left to The Strongman Challenge 2011’s Preliminaries on the 20th of February, the guys from SG Titans have really been training hard and well. And i would like to wish them the best of form and technique come the day. Remember guys, “Train the way you fight. And Fight the way you train.”. 😉

Ladies, if you can’t get enough of muscled machined men hard at work toiling in their sweat OR you guys, who feel that the weights in the gym are beginning to feel like your water bottles, do drop by Basic Rescue Training Centre (BRTC) (@ 91 Jalan Bahar, Singapore 649735) for the Prelims for some hardcore beefcake action! And yeah, give support Singapore’s very own Strongmen at the same time too! Viva La Oranje!

Need more info? Read:


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